Dieting (or at least not gaining weight) at Disney

In December 2015, I went on the first major diet in my life.  My weight was finally reaching the point where it was starting to impact my daily life so both my wife and I decided to do something about it.  The diet consists of a lot of portion control and a slight increase in exercise.  Since December, I have lost 60 pounds and six inches off my waist.  This post is not to discuss the pros and cons of dieting and my success while on this diet.  It’s to discuss how to diet and go to Disney.  I have a work trip scheduled for September and a family vacation to Disney scheduled December.  These will be my first trips to Disney while on this diet.  So, what are some ways that you can diet (or at least not gain weight) while on a Disney vacation?

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An easy way to help stay on diet/maintain weight is to split entrees with a member of your travel party.  The entree portions, at Disney, tend to run on the large side especially if you get a soup or salad for an appetizer.  The easiest thing to do is to either skip the appetizer and/or split the entree.  This is one of the fastest ways to cut calories.   Imagine how much lighter you will feel if you only eat half of what is pictured above.  Also, this tip will help  your budget too since you aren’t buying an entree for every member of your travel party.  Be advised: some restaurants may charge a small “plate splitting” fee to recover some of their lost revenues.

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Another way to reduce your calorie intake to simply skip dessert or snack altogether.  Or replace that dessert/snack with something more healthy (maybe roasted almonds that you brought with you or purchased from a grocery service like Garden Grocer).  This first two tips may sound like I’m telling you not to eat.  I’m not.  Just watch what you eat.  As a friend of mine told me when I started in December, “Everything is a trade-off.  You can have that ice cream sandwich for a snack but that just means you are going to have a salad or something light for dinner.”  If dinner is the end of your day in the parks, ask you take the dessert to go and have it for an evening snack.


Water serves a dual purpose.  It’s first purpose is still its most important purpose: keeping you hydrated in the Florida sun.  No one wants to be dehydrated and in the first aid station while on vacation.  It’s second purpose is to trick your mind into thinking you are full or, at least, not on an empty stomach.  This should help reduce the desire for that churro or that big scoop of popcorn or Mickey bar.  Another budget tip is to get free water from the many quick service locations in the parks.

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A Disney vacation does involve a lot of walking probably more than you do at home.  All of these extra walking will burn more calories than you usually do.  This will go a long way in helping you do a good job of maintain your weight while on vacation.  Combine the extra walking with some portion control and skipping a few desserts or snack and you should come home without gaining a lot of “vacation weight.”

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4 thoughts on “Dieting (or at least not gaining weight) at Disney”

  1. Excellent tips and reminders for being healthy while on a Disney vacation! Don’t forget that most Disney restaurants (even quick service) offer terrific vegetarian options and/or healthier sides to help cut calories. They can be really delicious and filling!

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