The Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound 2

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing movie night ideas based on Disney movies from the 80s.
One of my favorite Disney movies growing up was The Fox and the Hound.  In terms of Disney movies from childhood, The Fox and the Hound is second only behind The Rescuers.  In my opinion, it is a great movie that has stood the test of time which makes it perfect for an 80’s Disney Movie Night.

The movie also marks a major transition point in the history of Disney animation.  Besides being the most expensive animated movie, at the time, to make (costing $12 million to produce), the film marked a true transition from The Nine Old Men who last major film was The Rescuers.  The Fox and the Hound was the first film that a new group of Disney animators had a lot of influence in making.  Gaining that influence forced Disney to push the release back from Christmas 1980 to early summer 1981 because gaining that influence caused delays in the film.

However, once the film was released, critics noticed an immediate change in the major story line of the film.  Roger Ebert from his Chicago Tribune review, “….this movie marks something of a departure for the Disney studio, and its movement is in an interesting direction. The Fox and the Hound is one of those relatively rare Disney animated features that contains a useful lesson for its younger audiences. It’s not just cute animals and frightening adventures and a happy ending; it’s also a rather thoughtful meditation on how society determines our behavior.”  The story brings an orphaned fox named, Tod, to ranch where he befriends a young puppy dog named Copper.

Fox and the Hound 3

The two animals become fast friends not knowing that dogs are supposed to chase and hunt foxes.  Time passes and Copper learns that dogs are supposed to hunt foxes and joins other dogs in hunt for Tod.  Over time, Copper learns that true friendship is more important than what species of animal you are.  In the end, he saves Tod from the hunters and allows Tod to go live the life of a fox in peace.

The movie features a strong voice cast with Mickey Rooney as the voice of Tod and Kurt Russell as the voice of Copper.  The supporting cast features Pearl Bailey, Sandy Duncan, and a silver screen voice debut of Corey Feldman.

I highly recommend The Fox and the Hound for your next 80’s movie night.  It’s great film with a story that still rings true today.


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8 thoughts on “The Fox and the Hound”

  1. This isn’t one of my favorite movies and I haven’t added it to my collection. But I have a new appreciation for it now that I know it was a transitional production between the old animators and the new! Thanks!

  2. I actually refuse to watch this movie. It is up there with Old Yeller. It makes me cry evertime. But thinking back it is right. It shows how relationships can grow apart.

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