Changes Coming to 2017 Disney Dining Plan

After lots of rumors and speculation as what changes Disney was going to make to the 2017 Disney Dining Plan, now we know.  It is a very small change but one that should provide guests with flexibility in their dining selections.

What has changed?

The only change to the dining plan is what a quick-service meal is considered.  Previously, a quick-service meal consisted of:

  • 1 entrée
  • 1 dessert
  • 1 non-alcoholic beverage

Starting in 2017, a quick-service meal will consist of the following:

  • 1 non-alcoholic beverage
  • 1 entrée

Now, don’t panic over the fact that Disney has taken away your quick-service dessert.  Disney has moved that quick-service dessert into the snack category.   This provides greater flexibility for guests at meals.  Many felt that a quick-service meal consisting of a entrée, dessert, and a drink was too much food and, in my opinion, depending on the restaurant it was too much food.  Plus, most desserts were sugary and, usually, not healthy options.  This new flexibility allows guests to go out and search for a healthy snack instead of having that sugar-laden cupcake.

How does this impact the 2017 Dining Plan?

The Quick Service Dining Plan:

  • Two Quick Service meals – consisting of one entrée and one non-alcoholic drink
  • Two Snacks
  • One refillable mug

BE AWARE: Guests under this plan have lost one snack per day (go ahead and panic now :)).  The 2016 Quick Service Plan gave guests one snack per day plus two desserts at the two counter service meals.  That is three snacks under the new 2017 dining plan math, however, the 2017 Quick Service still provides guests with only two snacks per day.

The Standard Dining Plan:

  • One Quick Service meal – consisting of one entrée and one non-alcoholic drink
  • One Table Service meal – consisting of one entrée, one non-alcoholic drink and one dessert
  • Two Snacks
  • One refillable mug

No real changes here except for the reallocation of the quick-service meal dessert into a snack.  For guests looking to use snack credits at Food & Wine Festival, those guests now have twice the snacks at their disposal.  It means giving up dessert at a quick-service meal but it’s a small sacrifice when snacking around the world.

2013 Canada Menu
2013 Canada Menu

The Deluxe Dining Plan:

  • Three Meals per day – meals can either be quick service or table service
  • Two Snacks per day
  • One refillable mug

What has not changed?

A couple weeks ago, there were lots of rumors that Chef Mickey’s, Tusker House, and Akerhaus were going to become two credit table service meals at lunch and dinner while remaining one credit table service meals for breakfast.  I can tell you that this change is just rumor.  Chef Mickey’s, Tusker House, and Akerhaus are remaining one credit meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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