Irresponsible Menu Items

I came across the following picture on the Por Favor Podcast Facebook page today.

photo from Por Favor Podcast Facebook Page
photo from Por Favor Podcast Facebook Page

I could not believe what I saw.  A Pop-Tart Breakfast Sandwich on the menu?!?!?!  Disney has continued to push the envelope when it came to blending popular foods together.   The Mac-and-Cheese Cones at Disneyland and the seasonal Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland which serves waffle fries with a variety of toppings from BLT to BBQ pulled pork.  The Grand Floridan had a regional hot dog of the day on their menu for a while.

This, however, crosses over into the irresponsible.  Lots of people let their diets go when they go on vacation.    That said, this breakfast sandwich is straight out of the Dr. Nick Rivera (from The Simpsons) School of Weight Gain.

Dr. Nick

Yes, this is an actual line from an actual episode of The Simpsons and now Disney has turned fantasy into reality.  This time, it can do more harm than good.  Pop-Tarts are full of carbs but not the good kind.  The kind derived right from sugar which could lead to diabetes.

Many people go to Walt Disney World and Disneyland with the expectation that we are going to gain weight while on vacation.  We expect that weight gain to come from enjoying high-quality food made by some the world’s best chefs.  We don’t expect that gain to come from eating food in unhealthy combinations or in combinations that never should have been combined in the first place.  This Pop-Tart Breakfast Sandwich is neither iconic (to fit into the Pop Century theme) or made with foods that should ever be combined.

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