O Canada!

photo courtesy of rolling with the magic
photo courtesy of rolling with the magic

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are taking you on a virtual tour of Epcot’s World Showcase.

Our neighbors to the north, Canada, have one of the most visual pleasing (at least in my opinion) pavilions in the World Showcase. It is full of great architecture and a stunning garden.

photo courtesy of Disney nouns
photo courtesy of Disney nouns

With no meet and greets, or quick service restaurant and only just the O Canada! film to capture people’s attention, most people consider Canada to be just a “pass through” pavilion.  But it’s not.  There is so much to see, do, and photograph in this pavilion.

First, O Canada! film was updated in 2007.  This is a recent upgrade by EPCOT World Showcase standards when you go to France and see the same Impressions de France that debuted when EPCOT opened in 1982.  Martin Short narrates the journey through Canada and Canadian culture and even includes a Winter Olympic sport which I participate in on the recreational level….curling.

Canada did have one of the top music acts in the World Showcase, Off Kilter.  But their contract was not renewed and Disney has had a hard time finding something to replace them.  Originally, a Canadian Lumberjack show replaced the musical act but faced a lot of resistance from guests who did not approve of the change.

Canadian Lumberjack Show #1

Then another musical act, Canada Holiday Voyagers, came in for the 2015 Christmas season but their run just came to  an end so Canada is left without any entertainment.

So let’s leave the negative behind and focus on the positive of this pavilion.  The Victoria Gardens are a mini year-round Flower and Garden Festival as they provide a majestic sight as guests walk down to Le Cellier for lunch or dinner.

photo courtesy of rolling with the magic
photo courtesy of rolling with the magic

Guests at Le Cellier are treated to one of the best meals, in my opinion, in one of the World Showcase’s most intimate settings.  The restaurant has one of the smallest dining capacities at Walt Disney World making reservations hard to get.  A few years ago, Disney increased the number of Disney Dining Plan table credits that Le Cellier costs from one to two.  This has alleviated some of the pressure on getting a reservation but not a lot.

The building which houses Le Cellier, Hotel du Canada, is modeled after the iconic Chateau  Laurier hotel in Ottawa, Ontario and the Victoria Gardens, in front of Le Cellier,

This is a pavilion that is definitely worth walking around and exploring.  There are plenty of things to see and photo opportunities to get.  There are three 30-foot high totem poles in the pavilion which make wonderful photo opportunities.  Guests have used these poles to “measure children’s growth” from Disney vacation to Disney vacation.

Now, if Disney could add a quick service restaurant to this pavilion which could make guests stick around the pavilion a little bit longer that would perfect.  If Tim Horton’s could work out a licensing deal with Disney to create that quick service location that would be even more perfect.

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28 thoughts on “O Canada!”

  1. Good job! As a Canadian, I hereby endorse your petition to get Tim Hortons into the pavilion! Fun Fact: I live in Canada and have yet to see a real totem pole or Mountie in the ‘wild’. LOL

  2. Great post! The gardens (and the film, too, I might add) are incredible, and I really enjoy visiting and seeing them! Some of my best photos have come from the Canada pavilion!

  3. I love the Canada pavilion, possibly because I truly love the country so much. This pavilion has one of my favorite hiding spots – if you climb up to the top by the water fall, it’s a great place to hang out. Now if Tim Horton’s was there, as you suggested, I’d bring a donut up there too. 🙂

  4. I have to agree with your assessment that the Canada pavilion is one of the most visually appealing of all the pavilions in World Showcase. The gardens are stunning and so is the architecture. I love relaxing in the pavilion and just soaking it all in (and taking lots of pictures). Le Cellier is awesome too!

  5. I actually had no clue there were gardens here until I got lost and happened on them several years ago. I love them because, no matter what time of year, they’re always really stunning. – Jerusha, TheDisneyChef.com

  6. I love the song from the film at the Canada pavilion! It’s so beautiful! Somehow, after years of visiting the Canada pavilion, I only learned about the gardens in the past year or two. I had seen part of them while we were there, but I didn’t realize there was more to them than I saw passing by. Can’t wait to get back and take photos!

  7. I totally agree, Canada is not a pass through pavilion! We don’t spend a ton of time there each trip, but we always linger a little. Every few trips, such as our most recent, we spend more time there and take in “O Canada”. I just love the update with Martin Short!

  8. Not a visit to EPCOT goes by where I don’t miss Off Kilter. But even without them, Canada is great! It’s so fun to explore the gardens, and if you ever have a chance to try their cheese soup (either at Le Cellier or during the Food and Wine Festival) – I highly recommend it!

  9. Victoria Gardens is a must-stop for me every trip; it is the most serene spot in all of Walt Disney World Resort. TradNation, a Canadian clogging group, is now performing six times a day. They’re not Off Kilter, and we’ll see how long they last… O Canada!!

  10. I happened upon the Canada pavilion at opening last trip and come to find out they have an opening ceremony. The hold up the Canadian flag and the first visitors walk under it. Nice touch!

  11. The Canada Pavilion is so lovely, and I enjoy the view of Epcot when you go up the stairs towards the pavilion shops. Admittedly though, O Canada! gives me a bit of a headache.

    I really need to make a return visit to Le Cellier but haven’t been in years!

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