Lunch at The Plaza (Inn)

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are telling you all about some of the best quick service restaurants at Disneyland.  Disneyland is full of great quick service restaurants that feature a lot of both indoor and outdoor seating.  This is something, probably because of the changeable weather, that Walt Disney World does not feature.  During a recent trip to Disneyland, I had to pleasure to eat at one of the marquee quick service locations at Disneyland….The Plaza Inn.
This restaurant has A LOT of outdoor seating as well as a lot of indoor seating.  But even better, it has some of the best food at Disneyland.  My wife and I thought it delivered table-service quality at quick service prices.  The restaurant is in a great location right on Main Street U.S.A.  This location makes the restaurant a prime parade viewing spot so get there to snag a table close to the parade route.

My family went there for a very late lunch on a trip last August and had a fantastic experience.  The menu is not very expansive.  The Plaza Inn keeps it simple with just four entrée options, one salad, and two kids meal choices.  This is one of the reasons why I think it’s a great restaurant.  Restaurants don’t need a big menu to be successful.  They need to find what they are good at and focus on that.  Don’t get caught out in the weeds and try to be something you’re not.  The four adult entrees are: fried chicken, pot roast, penne pasta, and the catch of the day.  The one salad on the menu is the Cobb Salad while kids have the choice between grilled chicken and pasta.

The portions are BIG.  My daughter, who never met a plate of pasta that she couldn’t finish, couldn’t finish this plate of pasta.  My wife’s portion of pot roast was huge.  I got the fried chicken and got three big pieces of chicken (breast, thigh, and leg).

Plaza Inn #2

I want to take some time and talk about the fried chicken which is listed on the menu as Plaza Inn Specialty Chicken.  It is, hands-down, some of the best fried chicken that I have ever had.  The breading is well-seasoned but not over-powering.  The breading thick enough to cover the chicken but not thin enough where it either falls apart on melts into the chicken itself.  The chicken, underneath that breading, is as moist as ever.

After your meal, especially lunch, you can head down to the entrance of the park and catch Chip n’ Dale performing with the Firehouse Band.

Firehouse Show

Or walk across Town Square and tour the exhibits outside the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln attraction.  Like this giant vintage Disneyland map.

Vintage Disneyland Picture


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8 thoughts on “Lunch at The Plaza (Inn)”

  1. Great info. I have been to Disneyland 5 times from 1969-2000 and may only go one more time in my life, so it is very helpful to know some dining tips.

  2. I didn’t even see this restaurant. We went twice this past year but weren’t there long. It looks good. Magic Kingdom has I think something named the same and maybe even the same menu. I have looked though and it seems the menu is different. We have never eaten there because it seems like it’s more expensive than some of the other options although it looks nice. It also has shorter hours than Ray’s Starlight Cafe and a few others. I will have to try it.

  3. What an original gem the Plaza Inn is! It is our favorite character dining in all of Disneyland, and the best spot to start your day while savoring a delicious buffet breakfast and gazing at Sleeping Beauty Castle. I have heard SO much about its famous fried chicken, but am embarrassed to say that we haven’t gotten there later in the day yet. Thanks for the nudge Tim!

  4. I didn’t get a chance to eat there on my last trip. I love the value though and can’t wait to try it next time.

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