10 Attractions Where You Don’t Need a Fastpass+

Walt Disney World is full of attractions.  Some attractions always have long lines and are tough Fastpass+ reservations to get.  However, there are plenty of attractions where the wait times are short and it is almost never a problem to get a Fastpass+ reservation (if the attraction is even eligible for Fastpass+ reservations).

This article is going to unearth these attractions and help you enjoy your day in the parks no matter how large or small the crowds.


Carousel of Progress:

This attraction has a few things going for it.  First of all, it’s a long attraction in terms of showtime (just over 20 minutes).  It can load 240 people per viewing area every 4 to 5 minutes.  This makes it a high-capacity ride (in my opinion) that can absorb a lot of guests.  Most importantly, it’s a fun attraction as guests go through the history of the 20th century and a “retro” look into the 21st century.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

A great attraction to get a birds-eye view of Tomorrowland along with parts of Fantasyland and The Hub area.  I have only seen this attraction with a wait over 10-15 minutes on the busiest of days.  Most of the time, it is an attraction that you can just walk on to.  It gives guests a 10-minute ride to rest their feet.  A lot of the time, cast members will allow guests to take a second or even third trip around Tomorrowland because there is very little wait.

Both the Carousel of Progress and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover are not eligible for Fastpass+ reservations.  However, our third choice in the Magic Kingdom does have Fastpass+ reservations available.


Dumbo Entrance

In my opinion, this is the iconic ride in Fantasyland.  It’s one of the original attractions in Fantasyland.  Just a couple of years ago, the number of Dumbos doubled when a second Dumbo attraction was added.   In between, the two Dumbo attractions, there is a massive shaded play area.  If you have a Fastpass+ reservation, there is a good chance that you and your kids will not get to experience this play area.  No reservation means a longer wait but your kids get to let out some energy and you get some time to sit in the shade.  If Imagineering added some phone charging stations, this area would be perfect.  A great and iconic attraction that’s well worth the wait.


The first two attractions in this park have Fastpass+ reservations available to them but the wait time is typically short so you really don’t them or if you must have a Fastpass+ reservations, they aren’t a high priority.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth

A journey through the history of the Earth awaits inside this giant ball.  Wait times usually peak when the park first opens and during the middle of the day.  But even then, wait times are not very long so getting a Fastpass+ reservation isn’t to your advantage.  There are other attractions more deserving of those reservations but the tiered system at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios can make things difficult to make those reservations.

That said, a 15-20 minute to get inside that gleaming ball to have Dame Judy Dench narrate the history of Earth is well worth it.

Living With the Land

This attraction was, in my opinion, surprising addition to the Fastpass+ reservation list when it came out.  Before Fastpass+, this attraction had very low to non-existent wait times.  Now, the attraction typically has a 15-minute wait if not longer.  Most of this wait, I believe, is caused by people looking for an attraction while they wait for their Soarin’ Fastpass+ window to open up.  We will see if the wait time drop now that Soarin’ is closed for refurbishment.

The attraction takes guests through the future of supplying foods to the growing population of the world.  I find the science behind the this amazing which makes it a must-ride on every trip.

The Gran Fiesta Tour

photo courtesy disneyparkfiles
photo courtesy disneyparkfiles

The Gran Fiesta Tour never has a wait and is always available to just walk-on.  I think it’s problem is location.  It is tucked away in the back corner of the Mexico Pavilion making it very hard to get to especially with the open air market dominating the pavilion.

Once on the attraction, it’s a quick journey through Mexico has Pancho and Jose search for Donald who has gone missing right before their big show.  Another great attraction to beat the heat of the parks.

Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie Ride

Given the number of closures at Hollywood Studios, it makes it hard to find attractions that will not have a long wait time.  However, the length of The Great Movie Ride makes it a candidate for this list.  Taking guests through the history of movies, The Great Movie Ride is a fun interactive attractions for guests of most ages.  With the removal of both the Sorcerer’s Hat and The Earful Tower, The Great Movie Ride’s Chinese Theater is re-emerging as the iconic building for Hollywood Studios.

Disney Junior Live on Stage

Gotta a little one who just loves the shows on Disney Junior, then Disney Junior Live on Stage is the show for you.  Disney Junior Live, at times, can lag in the popularity of the shows on Disney Junior and the basic story (Minnie’s Birthday) stays the same.  But the show is very-high energy, perfect for little ones.  And the theater is huge and can accommodate a lot of guests.  The downside is sitting on the floor but it’s an attraction designed and geared toward the young ones and they enjoy every minute of it.

Animal Kingdom

Finding Nemo – The Musical

photo courtesy of trip advisor
photo courtesy of trip advisor

An attraction with Fastpass+ reservations but also an attraction that takes place inside a giant theater which can accommodate a lot of guests.  Guests experience one of Walt Disney World’s finest shows and a lengthy show as well (over 30 minutes).  This gives guests plenty of time out of the Florida sun and off their feet.  Two very big pluses as they watch the story of Finding Nemo unfold in front of them.

Festival of the Lion King

Festival of the Lion King Show

On the list for the same reasons as Finding Nemo, it’s a show in a big theater which can accommodate a lot of guests.  Finding Nemo noses ahead for being a more climate-controlled environment compared to Festival of the Lion King.  That said, they are two of the best shows in Walt Disney World and are both must-see shows during your stay.

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Thanks for reading!

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