Fried Chicken From The Plaza Inn

Welcome to Food Friday.   Friday’s will be spent discussing either Disney restaurants or sometimes a specific Disney Food.  This week, we are talking about a specific Disney food….the Fried Chicken platter at Disneyland Park’s Plaza Inn.

Plaza Inn #2

What do you get?: You get three pieces of tasty southern-style fried chicken, a side of mashed potatoes in chicken gravy, green beans, and a biscuit.

Is it good?: It is, hands-down, some of the best fried chicken that I have ever had.  The breading is well-seasoned but not over-powering.  The breading thick enough to cover the chicken but not thin enough where it either falls apart on melts into the chicken itself.  The chicken, underneath that breading, is as moist as ever.  In the picture, I got a full chicken breast, a thigh and wing combo as well as the chicken leg.

The mashed potatoes, even for mass-produced potatoes, have plenty of flavor and need very little salt or pepper to season.  The gravy is flavorful as well and melds nicely with the pieces of chicken breading which made have fallen off the chicken.

Green beans are well-marinated and not too spicy.  If you like your green beans with a little kick to them, like I do, pepper will probably be needed.

Lastly the biscuit, a very southern-style biscuit and with that comes a lot of salt and butter to make the biscuit.  For those with dietary concerns, you may want to skip the biscuit but enjoy the rest of the meal.

How much does it cost?: In my opinion, it is one of the best values on the Plaza Inn menu.  This meal will set you back on $16.49 and is a great meal for those who are looking to eat a heavy lunch but a light dinner.  If you choose the heavy lunch idea, plan to get to The Plaza Inn after the main lunch rush.  My family ate there around 2 o’clock and had no problem finding an indoor table.  The Plaza Inn also has plenty of outdoor seating as well.

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