Top 10 Disney Characters

Disney has a large number and wide variety of characters so narrowing them down to just a top 10 list proved to be very difficult.  I decided that I would go with characters that are anthropomorphic (human like).  So, there are no human-based characters on my top 10 list just animals who act like humans.  It’s a fun list and my #1 character may surprise a lot of you….

10) Pluto

Chef Mickey #2

Pluto, on film, is the least anthropomorphic of the group and contrary to popular opinion he is not Mickey’s dog even though he is seen a lot with Mickey.  A fun-loving, action-packed dog who deserves a spot on this top 10 list.

9) Goofy

Chef Goofy
Chef Goofy

Another dog makes the list with Goofy.  A family man at heart to Max Goof.  Goofy does the best he can even though he’s not the brightest dog out there and this sometimes leads to trouble.  But his silliness leads to great comedy and puts him #9 on my list.

8) Thumper

Thumper and Miss Bunny #1

Thumper is a rabbit who loves mischief.  However, that mischief is usually thwarted by one of his sisters.  He is rabbit who wears his emotions on his sleeve while being a great friend to the animals in the woods.

7) Scrooge McDuck

November Trip #9

Donald’s rich uncle who does like to part with his money makes the list at #7.  The man has so much money, he’s able to ski down mountains of it.  But he does have a “warm” side, warm meaning less cold, to his three great nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

6) Chip n’ Dale

chip n' dale

Two crazy chipmunks come in at number 6.  They usually their days harassing Donald Duck and make his life miserable.  But they are very funny and witty and more than willing to listen to a story about how children lose their teeth.

5) Minnie Mouse

Hostess Minnie
Hostess Minnie

Minnie Mouse….Mickey’s favorite girl always has a kiss waiting for him.  Lovable with a warm heart.  This lovable mouse checks in at #5 on the list.

4) Donald Duck

Mexican Donald #1

Donald Duck, the duck who thinks he’s #1 but really isn’t, comes in at #4 on our list.  This short-tempered duck always finds trouble (usually from Chip n’ Dale) but trouble always find him too.  Does he always get his way?  No.  Will he complain about it?  You bet?  Does he wear pants? NO!  Does anyone know why?

3) Oswald the Rabbit


Walt Disney’s original character….it all started with a rabbit.  Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  As an original Disney character, he has to make to list and he does at #3.  Only seen in Disneyland, Oswald is on my must-meet list, along with Roger Rabbit, for my upcoming Disneyland trip.

2) Mickey Mouse

Chef Mickey #5

The Mouse that Built a Theme Park.  Mickey helped Walt Disney build two theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando and is the iconic Disney character and the character everyone associates with Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  So, why isn’t he #1?

1) Timothy Q. Mouse

Timothy Q. Mouse

Because of Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo’s sidekick.  And because my name is Tim as well.  Us Tim’s have to stick together and, for purely selfish reasons, Timothy Q. Mouse vaults to number one on my list.

Thanks for reading!

Mommy To All Girls

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Disney Characters”

  1. Great list! I didn’t realize how hard this would be. As I’m reading everyone else’s I think “ohh yes that’s good”. Maybe I need a top 50

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