Disney World or Disney Cruise Line Which is Right For Your Vacation?

Vacationers to Orlando, FL have a Disney choice to make when planning their vacation: do I take a cruise on the Disney Cruise Line or do I take a trip to Walt Disney World.  Both locations have their advantages.  In this article, I’ll take a look at these advantages but in the end, it’s up to you to decide which vacation is best for you.

For guests travelling to the Orlando area, both destinations are easily accessible by Disney’s Magical Express.  The primary difference is the Magical Express is free for guests to-and-from Walt Disney World.  This service, however, costs $35 one-way or $70 rounds for guests taking the shuttle to-and-from Port Canaveral.

Advantages to a Walt Disney World Vacation

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This is the #1 advantage.  It’s Walt Disney World.  A sprawling complex with four theme-parks, two water parks, a large number of resorts each with a different theme, and more restaurants and entertainment than you can count.   All of this entertainment is easily accessible using Disney’s massive transportation system of monorails, buses, and boats.  It’s a place that everyone needs to experience, at least, once.  There is just so much to do that it will take multiple trips to do it all.  I’ve gone over ten times and there is still stuff that I haven’t experienced.

2. A Wide Variety of Theme Parks and Attractions

You looking for family friendly boat ride attractions?  Walt Disney World has it.  Looking for a thrilling roller coaster attraction?  Walt Disney World has it.  Looking for a trip on a Jungle Safari?  Walt Disney World has it.  A trip back in time with a glimpse to the future?  Walt Disney World has it.  A journey around the world in just a day?  Yep, Walt Disney World has it.

3. Lots and lots of restaurants

Walt Disney World has more restaurants than you can shake a stick at it with more getting added almost every month with the transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs.  It’s almost impossible to go hungry at Walt Disney World.  There is something for everyone.  Guests can grab a quick snack like a turkey leg or a cinnamon roll.  They can enjoy a buffet meal with characters.  They can even enjoy fine dining at locations like Yachtsman Steakhouse.

4. Not a Theme Park fan, there’s still plenty to do

From golfing to spa treatments to just hanging out pool-side at the resort, there is still plenty to do for those who don’t want enter the parks.  Disney has two championship-level 18-hole golf courses as well as another 18-hole golf course and a nine-hole course.  That’s a lot of golf.  Fans of water sports, guests can check out the water sports complexes at The Contemporary and Grand Floridan.  Want to shop?  The rapidly evolving Disney Springs is the place for you.

Wet Magic Kingdom #2

Disney Cruise Line

photo from cruisemates.com
photo from cruisemates.com

1. All the relaxation – none of the walking

People want to relax while on their vacation.  A Disney cruise gives you all of the relaxation but none of the walking that a guest who goes to Walt Disney World will experience.  A Walt Disney World vacation has a lot of walking.  A Disney Cruise Line vacation has none of this walking unless you go on an off-shore excursion which involves a lot of walking.  The boat is only so big.  To replicate a day of Walt Disney World walking on a Disney Cruise Line, one will have to a lot of laps of the cruise ship….A LOT of lops.

2. A new location every day

A cruise ship is always on the move.  Each day, the ship is in a new location.  People get to experience, first-hand, a new culture every day.  Each of the island in the Caribbean has a different culture and customs.  They are unique in their own way.  Guests can experience these new cultures even if it just for 24 or 36 hours.  European cruises take guests on a journey through and around European for at least week if not longer.  That’s a lot of culture to take in and you don’t have to do any of the driving to get from country to country.  Just leave it the hands of the ship’s captain.

3. Food is included in your cruise price

With minor exception, the food on your Disney cruise is included in the price of your vacation.  All the food you can eat along with rotational dining at one of the many restaurants on the ship.  The only food which isn’t included in your vacation price are dining experiences at Palo or Remy which cost extra.  Guests have to make a separate reservation to dine at either of these restaurants.

The Best of Both Worlds

Looking to do both.  I always tell people to take their Walt Disney World vacation first.  Then, go on their Disney cruise.  You can put your feet up and let the boat take you from port to port as you relax pool-side.  A Walt Disney World vacation and a Disney Cruise have their advantages and, even those on a tight budget, can experience both by spending a three or four days at Walt Disney World before embarking on a three or four-day Disney Cruise.

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