Top 5 Boat Ride Attractions at Walt Disney World

This week on Top 5 Thursday, I’m going to take a closer look at the top attractions which are boat ride style attractions.  There are some great attractions on this list.  This is a great category of attraction because almost everyone who walks through the gates can go on one of these attractions because of the low thrill factor.  Another nice thing is these attractions are continuously loading so the wait times are not very long unless the park is really crowded.  Not every attraction on this list has the ride vehicle floating in water.  So with that in mind, on to the list (in no particular order).

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June Calendar Shot

This week’s Wordless Wednesday is what picture you have as your calendar picture for June.  My daughter’s birthday is in June so this month’s calendar shot is dedicated to her.  On the left, she is with her favorite Disney bunny….Thumper.  On the right, she is playing one of her favorite sports…field hockey.

Wordless Wednesday - June


Plenty of words as always on the Behind the Magic podcast:


Focused on the Magic

Upgrading Future World

Spaceship Earth

A lot of the Walt Disney World parks have either undergone expansions, currently undergoing expansion or rumored to be expanded.  The one park that is always lost in the shuffle is EPCOT.  Magic Kingdom has its New Fantasyland, Animal Kingdom will have it’s Avatarland, Hollywood Studios potentially could have a Star Wars and/or Pixar Place expansion.  But over at EPCOT, nothing.  Future World is slowly evolving into “the Past thoughts of Future” World.  With the park’s 40th anniversary and Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary coming up in a few short years, here are some ways that EPCOT’s future world can be brought Back to the Future.

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