Top Walt Disney World Pools by Resort Group

Disney pools come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of the resort pools are better than others, in my opinion.  Personally, I look for a big pool which has lots of activities for people of all ages to do from just lounging in the sun to going down a really big water slide.  Most of my pool time, at Disney, is during the middle of day (sometime after lunch to until the afternoon thunderstorm rolls in).  Today, we are going to look at the top pool in each resort class: value, moderate, and deluxe/deluxe villa.

Value Resort Top Pool – Bowling Pin Pool (Pop Century)

This has to be the coolest looking pool in all of Walt Disney World.  Who thinks of making a swimming pool in the shape of a bowling pin?  Well, Walt Disney World.  Guests staying at Pop Century can enjoy this fun-shaped pool.  It screams mid-20th century and teens hanging out at the bowling hall.  Like the Luna Pool at Boardwalk, the Bowling Pin Pool at Pop Century does the same thing in transporting people back to a by-gone era.

Bowling Pin Pool
Bowling Pin Pool

Moderate Resorts – The Dig Site Pool (Coronado Springs)

The Mayan pyramid that overlooks this pool is what makes this pool stand out.  The pyramid is 46 feet tall.  The pool has a jaguar water slide which is 123 feet long.  The slide is covered in some spots and uncovered in others.  When guests walk to the entry of the slide, they can watch people slide underneath the bridge that they are walking on.  That’s a neat feature to this slide in my opinion.  At night, the pool is lit up like an actual archaeological dig site to keep up the theme of the resort.  A fun uniquely themed pool.

The Dig Site Pool

Deluxe/Deluxe Villa – Stormalong Bay (Yacht & Beach Club)

The Gold Standard of Disney pools.  Stormalong Bay has a slide so long that it requires two pictures.  This pirate ship themed slide starts outside of the pool area and goes over the main walkway from the resort to EPCOT.  I’ve walked past this pool a bunch of times and, unless it’s raining, there are always kids running to and from the slide while parents with smaller kids, who aren’t ready to enjoy the slide, are having fun playing in the pool.  That’s what makes this pool the top pool at Disney World in my opinion.  It’s a place where the entire family can have fun.  That’s what Walt Disney World and Disneyland was built on.

Top of Stormalong Bay slide Bottom of Stormalong Bay slide

What are your top pools at Walt Disney World?

Thanks for reading!

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