Wordless Wednesday – Four Favorites

This week on the Focused on the Magic Wordless Wednesday blog hop, the theme is Four Favorites.  I chose four of my favorite characters that are rarely seen in the parks.  Going from top left to bottom right is Scrooge McDuck along with Donald and Daisy (only seen at the Very Merry Christmas Party), Dumbo (only seen in Festival of Fantasy Parade), Thumper and Miss Bunny (no longer seen in Animal Kingdom), and the Seven Dwarfs (only seen at Not So Scary Halloween Party).

Four Favorite Characters

Thanks for reading!

Focused on the Magic

9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Four Favorites”

  1. My DH and I LOVED meeting the 7 Dwarfs. You were lucky to get a decent picture with them. Ours is waaaay too dark!

    Part of me says it’s a shame that these characters are s hard to find in the WDW parks, but I also understand that’s what makes seeing them so special.

    I loved your take on the four favorites theme! Well played, sir!

    Have an awesome evening!

  2. Aw wow I didn’t know thumper had ever been available to meet!! He’s one of my faves!!
    Great post, fab round up of characters!

  3. Fabulous Four! I wish they would bring out rare characters more often. Especially the Seven Dwarfs. They are always so much fun to see at MNSSHP.

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