Selfie Sticks Banned on Walt Disney World Attractions

It was reported by WDW News Today, last night, that selfie sticks will no longer be permitted on Walt Disney World attractions.

I talked about this topic on Wednesday of last week.  I talked about it from a few angles: on attractions, general use in the parks, and during parades/fireworks shows.  This statement from Walt Disney World only bans the use of selfie sticks on attractions.  It does not apply to their use in the parks on during shows.

For the most part, the sticks are the most dangerous on attractions and therefore expose the most liability to Walt Disney World.  The device on the stick can fall off and injure another guest.  The stick could get stuck on part of the attraction and potentially damaging the attraction.  The user could drop the stick and it could get caught underneath a ride vehicle.  There are just too many possibilities of selfie sticks harming others or the attraction itself for Walt Disney World to allow guests to continue to use them on attractions.

There are many guests who have been responsible with their use of selfie sticks.  However, this is a classic case of banning the use of a device because of a select group who are not responsible with their use of the device.  My conclusion from Wednesday is still the same.  Disney needed to step in and ban their use on attraction because of the liability potential.

The next step, in my opinion, is Walt Disney World banning them during parades and potentially during fireworks shows.  Cast members have talked about how they have been either been hooked by a selfie stick during their parade routine or had to alter their route so their routine was not impacted by a selfie stick.  I highly doubt Walt Disney World will completely ban their use in the parks.

There has been no word on whether GoPros or similar video recording devices are impacted by yesterday’s announcement.


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