Park Bag Essentials

One of the most important things to have on a Disney vacation is a quality bag to bring into the parks.  It should be big enough to carry a lot of stuff.  However, it should be small and compact enough to not take up a lot of space in the Disney buses or on the airplane to and from Disney World.  For our family, we found a bag that worked for us on our very first trip.  It’s a collapsible LL Bean day bag.  It can fold up into an airplane carry-on bag or it can be used as carry-on itself.  Most of the time, we used it as a carry-on.

backpack #1

This leads to the question, what are the most important things to put into the park bag.

1.  Water Bottles

Staying hydrated while in the parks is very important especially when travelling in the summer.  A bag that has outside pockets for water bottles is just as important.  The above bag has pocket on either side where a water bottle (or even two) can be placed.  This is perfect for our family of three.  Everybody can access their water bottle at any time.  A hydrated family is a happy family in the park.

2. Rain ponchos

Orlando is part of the “lightning belt” which runs from Orlando to Tampa Bay.  Thunderstorms are a near daily occurrence from May to October.  Making sure you have a poncho for everyone is important unless you want to spend money back at the resort on drying clothes.  Fortunately, Disney ponchos are very compact and make a great base at the bottom of a park bag.

3. Snacks

Everybody loves a good Disney snack.  But sometimes, you need just a little something so you can make it until your next meal.  My family usually packs granola bars and similar snacks.  We put them in a Ziploc bag.  So if the chocolate or peanut butter does melt, it does not melt on the other contents in the bag.

backpack #24. Clean socks and undergarments

My wife, who travels a lot for business, has found that “nothing feels more refreshing than a clean pair of socks.”  For some reason, she’s right.  A clean pair of socks can put an extra spring in your step especially if you have been in the parks for a long time.  The sweat from socks has no place to go but to cling on your feet.  Freeing your feet from this sweat can improve your day.

Accidents, especially if you are traveling with smaller children, will happen.  You can buy new shorts or pants in the parks.  However, you can not buy new undergarments.  They need to be part of your park bag.  It will save you a trip back to the resort just to get clean undergarments.  Bring them you to the parks.

5. Band-aids

Blisters are another that will happen during a vacation.  There is too much walking, too much sweating, and too much friction between shoes and skins for blisters not to happen.  Having band-aids on hand will save a trip to a first aid station.

In addition, band-aids can be used for minor scrapes and cuts.  Again, this will save a trip to a first aid station.  Things in your park bags should be things that keep you enjoying the parks NOT keeping you away from the enjoyment.  Band-aids, though small, will keep you enjoying the parks instead spending time at a first aid station.

What is a must-have item in your park bag?  Leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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