Yesterday, I gave you a great tip on a free item at Walt Disney World which can help you save some snack credits.  Today, I’m going to help you spend some of those saved snack credits on some tasty Disney snacks.  Disney snacks come in all shapes and sizes.  I’m going to bring you some of my favorites and maybe some of my favorites are some yours as well.

So, let’s bring on those Disney snacks.

Mickey Pretzels

There will be great debate over which is the better snack at Walt Disney World.  Is it popcorn on is it a Mickey Pretzel?  My daughter will argue until she is blue in the face that a scoop of popcorn is the best salty snack that one can find at Walt Disney World.   Now, I like the popcorn at Disney World.  I also like the popcorn at movie theaters.  I like popcorn and the popcorn at Disney World is good.  But, I was raised outside Philadelphia and there is one snack that trumps even popcorn for me.  A soft pretzel.

photo courtesy of easywdw
photo courtesy of easywdw

Disney adds its own twist on the soft pretzel by, of course, making it Mickey shaped.   Like popcorn, the Mickey Pretzel is easily sharable making it a great use of a snack credit (if you are on the dining plan).  They are easy to find in the parks with multiple stands through all of the parks.  Two people can easily split one pretzel or three people, in the case of my family, can split one or even two pretzels if we are feeling especially hungry.  Now, we are fans of just the standard ordinary Mickey Pretzel.  We don’t go for the flavored or seasoned pretzels that you can find at other locations.

Citrus Swirl

photo courtesy of theme park review
photo courtesy of theme park review

Bypass the long lines for the Dole Whip and visit Orangebird’s roost at Sunshine Terrace and grab yourself a Citrus Swirl.  The line will be shorter than at Ahola Isle which means you’ll get to enjoy your frozen treat sooner.  There have been times where I’ve gotten in line for a Citrus Swirl and my wife has gotten in line for a Dole Whip at the same time.  I’ve been able to get my Citrus Swirl, find a table, and finish my Citrus Swirl before my wife has sat down to enjoy her Dole Whip.  It’s a great snack.  One that I highly recommend.

L’Artisan des Glaces – Ice Cream

L'Artisan Des Glaces

There is only one item here which can be purchased for a Disney Dining Plan snack credit…a scoop of ice cream.  It is well worth it.  There is a lot of ice cream floating around Disney.  This is the best of the best.  If you get there when the shop opens at noon, there is rarely a line.  If you want to spend a little more money and save that snack, I highly recommend the Pressed Brioche ice cream sandwich.

This snack is a scoop of ice cream with your choice of topping pressed into a brioche roll.  It combines both the salty (the brioche roll) and the sweet (the scoop of ice cream) into a one snack.  Guests can choose between any of the ice creams and then top the ice cream with chocolate or raspberry sauce if you so choose.  It is not a messy snack as the roll is sealed up when pressed and the melting ice cream gets absorbed into the roll.

Cinnamon Roll (more like loaf)

Cinnamon Roll

Yes, that loaf of cinnamon is called a cinnamon roll and it can be found at Gaston’s Tavern in the New Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom.  Yes, it is available for only a snack credit.  I have never seen one person finish this cinnamon roll.  It is definitely a two, three, or even four-person cinnamon roll.  You could even do what I did on one occasion.  Spend $9.79 on a pork shank.  Spend a snack credit on a cinnamon roll.  Get a free cup of water (it’s a quick service stop, it’s free) throw in a flavor packet of lemonade and you’ve got a meal the family and it’s cost you $9.79+a snack credit and you’ve fed the family lunch or dinner.  Plus, it’s a great snack.

What are your favorite snacks at Walt Disney World?  Leave us a note with your favorites.

Thanks for reading!

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