#ImagineeringFriday – New Country in EPCOT

Imagineering Friday #1

It has been over 26 years since the World Showcase has had a new country make its debut.  The “newest” country is Norway which debuted in 1988.  There are ample places for new countries to enter the World Showcase but for a variety of reasons; no new countries have entered the World Showcase lineup.  Well as part of today’s #ImagineeringFriday that all changes.  There are no more sponsorship hang-ups, political conflicts, etc.  Here are the rules for today’s #ImagineeringFriday:

  • Can be any country which is not currently represented in the World Showcase
  • Must include an attraction
  • Must include a quick-service restaurant
  • Must include a table-service restaurant (your choice on whether or not this is a character dining experience)

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Be Our Guest Lunch ADR: The Best of Both Worlds?

It has been widely reported that starting on February 25th, Be Our Guest restaurant will be moving away from current FastPass-style of reservation to a more traditional Disney Advanced Dining Reservation-style of reservation.  My question today: Is this a good thing or a bad trend for Disney to be implementing at Be Our Guest.

Dessert Cart at Be Our Guest
Dessert Cart at Be Our Guest

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