My Pixar Place Expansion

As part of this week’s #ImagineeringFriday, we are expanding Pixar Place.  The rules of the expansion state we need to create: 3 new attractions, a new table-service restaurant, a new quick-service restaurant, and a new meet and greet.  I am choosing Paris from Ratatouille as the theme for the expansion.  The area is going to have the Arc de Triomphe as the hub for the expansion.  Off of each “mini-street” will be one of the attractions, the quick-service restaurant, and finally the meet and greet.

Arc de Triomphe #1

At the base of the Arc de Triomphe, guests will find La Ratatouille restaurant.  This is the restaurant that Remy, Linguini, and Colette open at the end of the Ratatouille.  The French theme will add something new to the restaurants in Hollywood Studios.  Plus, it would give Remy a permanent home after he was removed from Chefs de France a couple of years ago.

The marquee attraction would be a new roller coaster type ride themed after the door chasing scene from Monsters, Inc.

Since, I would expect that this attraction would have a rather lengthy queue.  I would also create an interactive queue area when guests especially the younger guests could learn what it took to be a good scarer but that laughter is more energy-efficient than screams.  They would learn this through a series of mini-games kind of like the mini-games in the queue for Space Mountain.

Guests would enter a door-shaped car before proceeding entering the scare floor and attempting to get away from Randall.  The thrill factor would be something along the lines of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but the car would be more accommodating to larger bodies that could be entering the car.

Going down another mini-street would lead guests to The Incredibles Super-Hero 4D adventure.  This show would be a merging of three shows that I have experienced.  It would a combination of MuppetVision 3D, Monsters Laugh Floor, and Hershey’s Great Chocolate Factory Mystery.

The show would last about 15-20 minutes and guests would be joined by The Incredibles and The Incredibles need the guests help to solve a case.  The Incredibles, with the guests help, would use their superpowers in order to track down the villains and save the days.

The last attraction would be Merida’s Archery Range.  The attraction would be based off the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade.  Guests would have the opportunity to shoot arrows with magnets on the tips at metal targets which would vary in distance.  At the end of the shooting, a video monitor would drop down and a character from Brave would have a short description of their shooting.  The character would be based on how accurate their shooting was starting with Lord Dingwall for the poorer shooters and ending with Merida for the best shooters.

Merida #1


The quick-service restaurant would be Wall-E themed.  Guests would order from touch screens shaped like either Wall-E or EVE.  After ordering, guests would go to their table where each seat would have a video screen that would air a Pixar movie of the guest’s choosing if they choose to activate the screen.  Adults would have the opportunity to turn off or on their children’s screen.  The food at this restaurant would be a step up from the standard quick-service fare that is currently present at Hollywood Studios.  Guests would have a wide variety of sandwiches and flat bread-style pizzas, however, entrees of roasted chicken and pork would be on the menu as well.

Lastly, we head down the last street and the meet and greet.  Here, we would find a variety of characters.  It would be a lot like the EPCOT Character Spot except with a rotating cast of Pixar Characters.  Guests could meet Remy, or The Incredibles, or Nemo, or Dory, or Remy.  Just about any Pixar character could be present except for Woody, Buzz, Lightning McQueen, and Tow Mater as these characters already have meet and greets in Hollywood Studios.  And with the new Pixar movies being made, there is always the possibly that new characters could be added to the Pixar Character Spot as well.

That’s my vision for an expanded Pixar Place.  What’s yours?  Take some time and join the link-up by clicking the box below.

Thanks for reading!


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