#ImagineeringFriday – New Country in EPCOT

Imagineering Friday #1

It has been over 26 years since the World Showcase has had a new country make its debut.  The “newest” country is Norway which debuted in 1988.  There are ample places for new countries to enter the World Showcase but for a variety of reasons; no new countries have entered the World Showcase lineup.  Well as part of today’s #ImagineeringFriday that all changes.  There are no more sponsorship hang-ups, political conflicts, etc.  Here are the rules for today’s #ImagineeringFriday:

  • Can be any country which is not currently represented in the World Showcase
  • Must include an attraction
  • Must include a quick-service restaurant
  • Must include a table-service restaurant (your choice on whether or not this is a character dining experience)

I am choosing one of the largest nations with one of the world’s fastest growing economies…..Brazil.  Brazil would also be the first nation from the Southern Hemisphere in the World Showcase.  Other nations which just missed the cut: Australia, South Africa, and Argentina.  Brazil will also bring a Portuguese flair to the World Showcase.

With a replica of Christ the Redeemer overlooking the new Brazil pavilion, guests have a variety of options in this new pavilion to the World Showcase.

Brazil #1


Guests will walk back toward the statute and find a large open-air pavilion with a band playing samba music.  When the band is not performing, the music gets played through speakers throughout the pavilion area.

To the left of the open-air pavilion, guests will find the “Journey down the Amazon” boat ride attraction.  A boat ride attraction does not sound all that exciting or different from the boat ride attractions in Mexico and Norway.  However, Brazil has something that Mexico and Norway do not….the Amazon River – the second longest river in the world.  The Amazon also cuts through the heart of Brazil which is a very geographically diverse country.  Guests with start at the river which is actually in Peru.  Guests would then go through the mountains of Peru and eastern Brazil and cold, harsh climates that go with it.  Then, they enter the Brazil rain forests which have a very hot and humid climate and home to over 1/3 of the all the known species of animals in the word.  Guests would then do something unique – go “under the Amazon river.”  After a drop, guests would be on the river floor looking up and diverse species of fish that inhabit the river.  Guests would then “drain into the ocean” as the river empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

Quick-Service Dining would have a combination of Norway and France.  Brazil is known for its sugar cane so it would have a counter when guests can order a variety of sweets just as the Brigadeiro (a chocolate fudge ball) and the Cocada (a pastry topped with coconut):

Brazil #2 Brazil #3

Desserts and drinks made with fruits native to Brazil would also be available for purchase.  The quick-service would serve cuisine from some of lesser known parts of Brazil cuisine just as the Middle-Eastern, Italian, and Caribbean impacts those regions had on Brazil’s cuisine.

The table service would focus on the more well-known parts of Brazilian cuisine: the seafood and the Churrascaria (also known as the Brazilian Steakhouse).  Brazil is a country with a lot of ocean frontage.  It only makes sense that the country is known for its seafood.  For those who are not fond of seafood, Disney bring the Churrascaria to Walt Disney World.  Well-made seafood dishes and servers going a round with meat on skewers.  It could easily become one of Disney’s most popular restaurants.

The restaurant would be broken up into smaller rooms with each room representing a different state in Brazil.  The rooms would be themed in decor specific to the state.  This would help create a different dining experience and generate return business to the restaurant.

That’s my new country.  What’s yours?  Add you ideas to the link-up via the links below.

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