Running Trails at Walt Disney World Resorts

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Welcome to the next stop on the Magical Blogorail Blue.  Today, we are discussing jogging trails at the Walt Disney World Resorts as part of this month’s theme of Staying Fit & Healthy in the Disney Parks.

Lots of people like to run at Walt Disney World, it keeps them in a similar routine that they have at home.  Maybe they are training for a race after a vacation or maybe they are looking for a training run before a Run Disney event.  No matter what Walt Disney World resort a guest is staying at, there are is a Run Disney jogging trail.  The only exception to this is at the Boardwalk/Beach Club complex where these resorts share a long loop around the resorts.

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These outdoor markers are great for people to follow the trail and not get lost and the trails are usually one mile in length.  Without these outdoor markets, guests would have to rely on memory of the route from the resort map or carry the resort map with them during their run.

Port Orleans Map

Port Orleans is a resort that has two jogging trails.  There is a shorter .7 mile dotted line and a longer 1.0 mile trail marked by the dashed line.  The shorter route makes a complete loop.  The longer route is just a dashed line but does not make a loop.  This means, I guess, it is an up and back route and not a loop route.

Like most runs, the best time to hit these trails is in the early morning or late afternoon when the weather is cooler and the sun isn’t blazing down on the trail as some of these trails do not provide a lot of shade.  Another good reason, why do you want to spend the middle of your day on vacation running when you could be spending that time in the parks enjoying the parades and attractions.  Of course, the trails will be a little more crowded than but it is a small price to pay in order to spend more time in the parks.

These trails are provide a good opportunity for guests to burn off some extra calories….in addition to the ones that they will burn off just by walking through the parks.  Guests can use those calories to help them stay in shape or they can use them to reward themselves with a treat when they go into the parks.

photo courtesy of theme park review
photo courtesy of theme park review

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Why Isn’t Contempo Cafe Open 24 Hours?

I posed this question on twitter last week and got very little response so I decided, today, to write a short blog post on the topic.  If you have been following the blog from the beginning, you will know that I love the Contempo Cafe.  I love its location, the ability to watch the monorail go by, and the menu.  It’s a great place to sit back and relax after a morning and/or afternoon in the parks.

Contempo Cafe #2

Unlike it’s monorail loop brethren, the Gasparilla Grill and Captain Cook’s; the Contempo Cafe is NOT open 24 hours.  The hours of the Contempo Cafe are from 6:00 am until midnight.  This puts the Contempo Cafe’s hours more on par with moderate and value resorts than the other dining options along the monorail loop.

Are the people staying at the Contemporary just not hungry at night?  Does Disney charge less for rooms at the Contemporary than at the Grand Floridian and Polynesian Village to compensate guests for not having a 24-hour quick service option?

Late night resort hopping is difficult to do in the off-peak months when the parks close earlier and as a result the monorail shuts down earlier as well.  There is no boat from the Contemporary to the Grand Floridian or Polynesian Village without stopping at the Magic Kingdom and when the Magic Kingdom closes for the night, those boats stop running as well.  There is a boat to Wilderness Lodge but that quick service restaurant is only open to midnight as well.

The Contempo Cafe has a wonderful breakfast especially its Bounty Platter with eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, and french toast.  Disney could replace the bacon and sausage with some steak and charge a dollar or two more and have a fantastic late night steak and eggs menu item.  It could have a late-night midnight to 6:00 am menu featuring a cross-section of its dinner and breakfast menu with quick easy-to-make selections from both menus.

Maybe Disney has crunched the numbers and the numbers say that Disney would lose money by keeping the Contempo Cafe open 24 hours a day.  However, I think that Disney is missing out on an opportunity to have a unique late-night dining opportunity at one of it’s best quick service restaurants.

Thanks for reading!

Photo Essay of the Festival of Fantasy Parade

I made seeing the Festival of Fantasy Parade one of my “must-dos” for my trip back in November.  I had heard great things about the parade.  Normally, I’m not a parade person.  I would rather take advantage of the shorter attraction lines than watch a parade.  However, this parade is worth seeing.  It’s much better than sitting in any attraction line.  It is a parade filled with princesses, historic Disney characters (Jiminy Cricket and Dumbo), iconic Disney characters, and well themed floats!

I was able to grab a front row seat in Frontierland to view the parade.  The only problem was I looking into the sun which “washed out” some of the pictures on my iPhone.  That said, here are 26 of my best pictures from the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Festival of Fantasy #1 Festival of Fantasy #2 Festival of Fantasy #3 Festival of Fantasy #4 Festival of Fantasy #5 Festival of Fantasy #6 Festival of Fantasy #7 Festival of Fantasy #9 Festival of Fantasy #10 Festival of Fantasy #11 Festival of Fantasy #12 Festival of Fantasy #13 Festival of Fantasy #14 Festival of Fantasy #15 Festival of Fantasy #16 Festival of Fantasy #17 Festival of Fantasy #18 Festival of Fantasy #19 Festival of Fantasy #20 Festival of Fantasy #21 Festival of Fantasy #22 Festival of Fantasy #23 Festival of Fantasy #24 Festival of Fantasy #25 Festival of Fantasy #27 Festival of Fantasy #28

Trip Report: Day Four Part One

Day four of my November trip was the most summer-like day of the trip.  The temperatures got into the 80’s and even pushed 90.  It felt more like April or May than late November.  The weather was perfect for me because I had an exciting day planned away from the parks.  I had a tee time for Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course.  This is one of the courses that Disney used when they hosted a PGA Tour event.

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Disney Vacation Club and The Polynesian

Starting today, current members of the Disney Vacation Club can begin purchasing points at the newest property of the Disney Vacation Club…the Polynesian.  The addition of Disney Vacation Club villas and bungalows has been a major part of the renovations done at The Polynesian Village Resort and vacation club members and non-members have been waiting for sales to open.  Currently, only current members can purchase points at the Polynesian at the cost of $160 per point.  Sales for new members will begin on February 9th.  No word on if the sales will remain at $160 or will go higher.

Bungalows being constructed (August 2014)
Bungalows being constructed (August 2014)

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