#ImagineeringFriday – New Resort in Town

Imagineering Friday #1

Today on #ImagineeringFriday, Walt Disney World is in desperate need of a new resort….any type of resort….anywhere on Walt Disney World property.  It’s our job to create a new resort for this week’s #ImagineerFriday.


  • Can be any type of new resort (value, moderate, or deluxe)
  • No Disney Vacation Club property
  • Can not have a theme of any existing Disney resort
  • Can be anywhere that a resort or park DOES NOT already exist

With that, let’s start to create some new Disney resorts.  I am going with a new deluxe resort.  I am also going to make this a throwback to when Walt Disney World was first being developed.  I’m creating the Venetian Resort and I am creating the property on Discovery Island.  The type of resort was planned twice in the history of Walt Disney World.  First, when the property was first being developed and second, during the 80’s and 90’s in an area between the Contemporary and the Ticket and Transportation Center.

Why am I choosing Discovery Island for this resort?  Two reasons.  First, the island is big….11.5 acres.  Second, an island is a great place to set up canals to run through the island to give that Venetian flair.

seven seas lagoon #1

The primary downside to using an island is transportation off the island.  A stop on the Contemporary, Fort Wilderness, and Wilderness Lodge boat loop could be added for the Venetian or a new direct boat from the Contemporary to the Venetian could be created.  A new direct boat would be add for the Venetian to and from Magic Kingdom.  After that, things start to get a bit sticky.  A bridge that could support bus traffic would need to be added to link the island to the main land.  This would guests to and from the other parks and for the Magical Express.

Layout of the resort

The layout would be very similar to the Grand Floridian with clusters of buildings.  These clusters would be woven through the man-made canals which will require a lot of bridge work to link the foot traffic throughout the resort.  The bridges will also need to be tall enough to allow gondolas to pass under them.

venetian boat #1

What will be on property

  • There will be a central swimming pool with smaller quiet pools sprinkled throughout the resort
  • A main hall done up in traditional Venetian and Italian architecture.
  • A 24-hour quick service restaurant
  • A two-credit table service restaurant serving seafood and other Italian specialties native to Venice and northern Italy
  • A one-credit table service restaurant focusing on pizzas and pasta dishes.
  • Pizza from the restaurant could also be purchased by the slice at the 24-hour quick service restaurant

I think this would be an interesting new restaurant on Disney’s property.  It would be the largest property but I think it would add something new and different to the current lineup of restaurants.

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4 thoughts on “#ImagineeringFriday – New Resort in Town”

  1. I read about the old ideas for resorts and I find them so fascinating… I’d have love to see a Eastern-style resort somewhere, sort of a salute to the parks over in China and Japan. I go back and forth if it should be something luxurious, which would be fabulously cool, or if it should be in the technopop eccentricity of niche Japanese culture. Interesting foods, strange vending machines, bright and flashy, etc etc. I think the one theme would lend itself well to a Deluxe, but perhaps if they went more pop culture Japan, that’d be more a Moderate or Value.

    Personally while I never seem to find myself in a moderate (either I’m going on an inexpensive trip so I’m at Pop, or I’m going on a more expensive trip so I spring for the Deluxe), I feel like WDW needs another moderate that’s great with a theme. PO is fantastic with that immersive theme but that’s about it. The rest of them carry out their generic themes well, but there doesn’t seem to be the thought that they give the Deluxe or even Value resorts in terms of interesting, cohesive theme that you can feel all around the property. Like, no matter where you are, you get the theme of Pop AoA, Boardwalk, Poly, even the All-Stars. But CBR? Leave the Old Port Royale area (which is done fairly well) and you don’t really get the theme anymore and it doesn’t feel particularly Disney. Nice hotel sure, but Disney resort? Not so much.

    1. I’ve only spent one night in a moderate property and that was at Port Orleans Riverside. I’ve eaten dinner at Coronado Springs. That’s my experience with moderates. But, you are right, there is something lacking the moderates. The theming is okay. The rooms are nice. The restaurants are surprisingly good. They just miss that something extra which could make them great resorts to stay at.

  2. I’d love to see a Value resort that isn’t seemingly geared to parents traveling with young children. PoP, AoA and the All Star resorts serve their purpose I suppose. But as a young married couple with no children (and a small budget) we’d like to see a more maturely themed value resort

  3. I would like to see another MK Deluxe resort. Tomorrowland has the Contemporary, Main Street USA has the Grand Floridian. Adventure land has the Polynesian, and Frontierland has Wilderness Lodge. There needs to be a resort to pair with Fantasyland, like a Bavarian Village Resort.
    A resort for DHS would be good, too. May something along the lines of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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