Be Our Guest Lunch Review

Day 5 of my November trip can be described in one way: WET.  The morning started with a tornado warning which scrubbed my morning plans of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and other Fastpass+.  So, those got rolled into the evening but then round 3 of the rain came at night and those plans got scrubbed altogether.  The Walt Disney World Resort received over six inches of rain on this day in three distinct waves (morning, afternoon, and evening).  The only reservations were really kept were our dining reservations.  My daughter had a breakfast at 1900 Park Fare with her grandparents while my wife and I had a lunch reservation at Be Our Guest.  This quickly turned into the highlight of a very soggy day.

Wet day in the parks
Wet day in the parks

I spent the morning in the hotel room watching the rain lash down on the Magic Kingdom.  I decided to forgo socks for the day and went with my sandals for my footwear.  Socks, in my mind, would only become water-logged and needed to be changed multiple times.  So, I slogged over to the Magic Kingdom and met up with my wife and her sister to have lunch Be Our Guest.

My main criticism of Be Our Guest is the lack of an indoor waiting area.  When I was there in September 2013, the weather was warm but nothing intolerable so waiting for our table wasn’t too bad.  In August, when I was there for lunch, it was unbearably hot and I almost dropped from heat exhaustion just from standing on the bridge waiting to get inside for lunch.  This trip, the temperature was fine but it was pouring down rain.  So, guests were borderline cold and very wet when they got inside.  This really gives guests the experience of “being in a peasant” waiting to get into the castle but a covered waiting area would be a big plus on days when the weather is not ideal.

Once inside, we reconfirmed our meal and my sister-in-law was able to completely change her meal since our original plans had our daughter joining us on lunch.  The lunch change went seamlessly and went through the line very quickly.  We got our drinks, found a table, and waited for our food.

This is my fourth lunch experience at Be Our Guest.  At my first experience, during the restaurant’s soft open, I had a great steak sandwich.  Sadly, the steak sandwich was replaced by, in my opinion, a very mediocre roast beef sandwich.  This time, I decided to move away from the roast beef sandwich and have the braised pork plate which I had heard great things about from other people.

Braised pork plate
Braised pork plate

The braised pork comes with mashed potatoes, green beans, and other assorted vegetables.  I’m not 100 percent sure if the braised pork is cut from the same pork as the pork shanks sold at Gaston’s Tavern.  Either way, the pork is fantastic and fork-tender.  There is a gravy which goes over the pork and the mashed potatoes.  The mashed potatoes are a huge upgrade from the french fries which come with the roast beef sandwich.  The french fries at Be Our Guest, in my opinion, are nothing to write home about.  I find them to be standard Walt Disney World french fries.  This braised pork plate is, in my opinion, the best quick service meal at Walt Disney World.  It is worth a lot more than the $12.99 that Disney charges for the meal.  It is a table service quality meal at quick service  prices.

Roast beef sandwich
Roast beef sandwich

My wife got the roast beef sandwich with french fries.  She found the meal to be very good.  She was not let down by the roast beef sandwich like I had been on previous visits.  She never had the steak sandwich and could not make the comparison between the two meals.  The roast beef was more on the rare side which, in my opinion, is a good thing for a roast beef sandwich.  Rare roast beef allows the meat to be a little more tender and juicy than well done roast beef which can get a bit dried out if not served with gravy.  She found the french fries to be very good and above Disney standard quick service fries.

We forgot to get pictures of our desserts but we went with our standard dessert choices.

Dessert Cart at Be Our Guest
Dessert Cart at Be Our Guest

I got the strawberry cream cheese cupcake and my wife got the triple chocolate cupcake.  One of these times, I’m going to need to change-up my dessert selection to the lemon meringue cupcake if only has a change of pace.

When the meal was over, my wife let her sister walk around the interior of the restaurant to get some pictures and soak in the theming.  We really weren’t in a hurry since it would only mean going back out into the rain.

After our meal, however, we did sneak in some attractions.  My wife and I were able to make our Fastpass+ reservation for Haunted Mansion and then took a quick ride on Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid.  After that, I checked the weather on my phone and saw the round 2 of rain was coming.  we headed back to the room and waited for the rain.

Wet Magic Kingdom #2

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3 thoughts on “Be Our Guest Lunch Review”

  1. Great review! My hubby had this last once and a friend got it on our recent trip. Both times, I thought it looks like a huge step up from the sandwiches and fries (of course, I usually go with the glorified grilled ham & cheese!)

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