Navigating Disney’s Lost and Found

My wife and I woke up on day 3 of our trip and discovered that no one had charged the camera from the night before.  We quickly realized that no one charged the camera because the camera never made it back to our hotel room.  After calming down, we went over the day before in our head to determine where it could have been lost.  We narrowed it down to leaving on the counter when we picked up our ear hats at Hollywood Studios or leaving it on the Disney bus that took us from Hollywood Studios back to The Contemporary.  After a phone call to The Contemporary front desk, we were told that if the camera was left in either location, it would go to central lost and found at the Ticket and Transportation Center and the phone number is 407-824-4245.

Upon getting the phone number, we tried to find as much information on our camera and camera bag to help the cast members at lost and found identify our missing items.  I got on my iPad and found a blog post where I had a picture of the camera and sent the picture to my wife’s phone.  My wife went online and found a picture of our camera bag and took a screen shot of it.

Camera Bag


Armed with this information, my wife called the lost and found central office.  After spending around 15-20 minutes, she was able to talk to a cast member and describe in great detail what our missing items looked like.  And much to our surprise, THEY HAD OUR CAMERA!  It was left on the counter and Hollywood Studios.  My wife got directions to the offices at the Ticket and Transportation Center and we were off for the day.  Our family’s plans were to head to EPCOT anyway so we took the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center.  My daughter  and I headed for the monorail to EPCOT while my wife veered off to head to lost and found.

The one thing we did learn is that Lost and Found does not open until 9 am.  My wife arrived shortly after 9 am after stopping to take some pictures of the signs directing you back to the lost and found office from the monorail.

sign #1
sign #1
sign #2
sign #2
Lost and Found Offices
Lost and Found Offices

Armed with the description and pictures of the camera and camera bag, she was able to recover her item very quickly.  Then spent some time going over the lost and found procedures so I could share the information with the readers:

Lost Within a Park

  • Kept at that park’s guest relations until the park closes for the day.  Items are, then, transferred to the central lost and found office (Ticket and Transportation Center) after the park closes for the day.

Lost on Disney Transportation

  • Turned to Guest Relations or Lobby Concierge in area that they are serving.   At the end of the day, items are moved to central lost and found.
  • Items left on resort buses are turned in immediately to central lost and found.

Downtown Disney

  • Turned into at one of the three Guest Relations area within Downtown Disney until Downtown Disney closes for the night.  Items are moved to the central lost and found office.

ESPN Wide World of Sports

  • Items always remain at lost and found located at ESPN Wide World of Sports

Resort Hotels

  • Items always remain at Lobby Concierge.

After the brief chat, my wife was on the monorail to EPCOT and able to hook back up with the rest of the party with only a short delay.  I hope our experience with Disney’s Lost and Found system will provide you with some insight on how to handle the situation if you ever lose an item while at Walt Disney World.

Thanks for reading!

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