First Time on Space Mountain – The Interview

On my most recent to Walt Disney World, my daughter experienced Space Mountain for the first time.  This was the last attraction in Magic Kingdom that she had gotten over her fear of.  There are still some attractions that she still won’t go on.  As the years and trips build up, however, there are fewer and fewer attractions that she won’t go on.  She’s gone from a kid who wanted to do anything but wait in line to meet characters to a kid who wants to go attraction after attraction.  For today’s post, I decided to interview her about her first experience on Space Mountain.

Space Mountain #2

What worried you most about Space Mountain before you first rode it?

“That I was going to throw up and that Space Mountain is a one-seater ride because I had never been on a one-seater before.”

What did you expect the attraction would be like?

“I thought it was going be like Splash Mountain with a really big drop at the end except with no water.”

What did you think about line before going on the attraction?

“It was so short.  It was only a ten-minute wait (we rode it during the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade).  If the wait was longer, I would have like to played the games in the line.”

Space Mountain Selfie
Space Mountain Selfie

Were you scared before you went on the attraction?

“Yes because I had never been on the ride and I thought a zombie would be in your face during the ride because it was dark.”

What things did you like about the attraction?

“It was in the dark and I didn’t know what was coming.  It was kinda fast and I loved going around all the turns.”

What did you not like about the attraction?


Is there anything you would change about the ride?

“I would want it to be a two-seater car like at Disneyland and not a one-seater ride.”

Her knowledge of Disneyland impressing me as I did not know this before I fact-checked it to make sure she was right.

Will you go on Space Mountain again?

“Yes.  I would even go on the ride again without a Fastpass+ reservation if the wait was less than 40 minutes.”

Any advice for a first-time rider?

“It’s in the dark and don’t be scared because it’s only a one-seater car.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this attraction?

“10.  Definitely a 10.”




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