Yachtsman Steakhouse – A Review

Yachtsman Review #1

On the second night of my November trip, my wife’s aunts and uncles took our daughter into the parks for the evening and my wife and I were able to enjoy a relaxing dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse.  One of the things that I enjoy about staying at The Contemporary/Bay Lake Tower is easy walking access to the Magic Kingdom Bus Depot.  My wife and I walked over the depot to catch the Yacht Club/Beach Club bus.  We always bank plenty of time to get from point A to point B at Disney but we were lucky enough to catch a bus right away to Yacht Club.

With lots of time to kill at Yacht Club before our reservation, we took the time to check out the resort again (we just stayed there in August).  This time of year, Yacht Club has a fantastic Christmas train display.  A little something different from the gingerbread houses on the monorail loop resorts.

Yachtsman Review #2

After checking out the resort, we still had a lot of time before our reservation.  We decided to kick back at the Crew’s Cup Lounge right next to Yachtsman Steakhouse.  We sat down had a drink, watched some college football, and then moved next door when it was time for our reservation.

The atmosphere was a bit louder than we had expected with more families in the restaurant than couples looking for a quiet evening dinner but it wasn’t Chef Mickey’s level of noise.

We get seated and get our menus (which I couldn’t get a good picture without glare from the camera).

Yachtsman Menu

As an appetizer, we went with an assortment of Artisanal Cheeses.  You can see a good description of the cheeses in the next picture.

Yachtsman Review #3

I really enjoyed the Caveman Blue and Jasper HIll Landaff.  The Petit Agour was okay but my wife really like it and the Vermont Creamery Bijou.  So between the two of us, we thoroughly enjoyed this cheese selection.

Yachtsman Review #4


The Petit Agour is the first cheese in the picture followed by the Vermont Creamery Bijou, then the Jasper Hill Landaff and the Caveman Blue.

After a wonderful cheese selection, we got our entrees.  I chose the 12-ounce prime New York Strip Steak in a peppercorn brandy sauce with a twice-baked potato.

Yachtsman Review #5

My wife selected the 8-ounce Black Angus Filet Minion in a cabernet wine sauce with mashed potatoes.

Yachtsman Review #6

We each got a side item for our steaks as well.  I went with a standard caramelized onions (right)  and my wife got the brussel sprouts which we mixed with beef and bacon (left).

Yachtsman Review #7

My wife fell in love with brussel sprouts and took them back to the room.  The one thing we did notice was that was no salt or pepper on the table and the more amazing thing was no additional salt or pepper was needed.  Everything was seasoned perfectly.  The steaks had a solid pepper crust and sauces added the right amount of flavor to the main course.  It also provided a nice gravy for the potatoes as well.

The cheese plate did not fill us up too much and we were able to finish our delicious steaks without bringing any back to the room.  Plus, we still had room for dessert and in my wife’s case two desserts.  Last year, we celebrated my birthday early.  This year, we celebrated my wife’s birthday late.   So, when my wife remembered to wear to birthday button we got an extra dessert at just about every table service meal.

For dessert. I got the sorbet trio (not pictured – picture fail) and my wife got the The Yachtsman Sundee (bottom) and her birthday dessert (top).

Yachtsman Review #8 Yachtsman Review #9

At the end of our meal, we decided to use the two table service credits per person (four total) for the meal instead of paying out-of-pocket.  We still had to pay for the appetizers and the extra side items but it was still a good value use of the table service credits.

Is this a place we would eat every trip?  No but don’t let that no fool you.  This is a fine dining establishment, in my opinion, and I don’t need fine dining on every trip.  There are lots of good places to get great food but only cost you one table service credit or a lot less out-of-pocket.  For my family, this is a restaurant that would be on our shortlist of restaurants if we had a truly special occasion to celebrate.

We loved our meal at Yachtsman Steakhouse and look forward to the next time we have a special occasion to celebrate so we can eat there again.

Thanks for reading!

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