When Will EPCOT Get It’s Update

Yesterday, I wrote about the changes coming to Hollywood Studios and closed the article with what new attractions/lands will be coming to the Walt Disney World theme parks.  One theme park was noticeably absent on that list….EPCOT.  There are some changes going on in and around the World Showcase (A Frozen Attraction for Maelstrom and changes to some shows).  But over in Future World, things lie stagnant.  Attractions have gone many years without being updated or revamped into something fresh.  Will EPCOT get some TLC once the changes have been completed at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios?  No one knows for sure and those completion dates are far into the future.  Today, let’s throw on our Imagineering hats and retool EPCOT.

Spaceship Earth

One attraction that is save from a radical revamp is Spaceship Earth.  It is the iconic EPCOT attraction and while it undergoes so updating now and then it does not need a full overhaul.

The first place which needs some updating is both Innovention pavilions.  For my family, both of these areas are just a pass through to get some air conditions, avoid the crowds, and maybe find a bench to enjoy a snack.  Imagineers could go with “Construction in the Past,” and have exhibits and hands-on activities on how construction of buildings, bridges, etc. was done in ancient, medieval, colonial, and early 20th century.  This could go in the Innoventions East Pavilion.  Innoventions West could have “Construction in the Future.”  This pavilion could have exhibits where guests learn about new materials that are being used in construction.  How construction is becoming more environmentally friendly.

Another major area which needs some updating is the Imagination! area which houses Journey Into Imagination with Figment and Captain EO.  Figment is the original mascot for EPCOT and with a new series of comic books featuring Figment; I am very hesitant to do anything but a refurb to Journey Into Imagination.  Captain EO’s time at EPCOT is done.  Since this is the Imagination Pavilion, a great way to capture this is have an attraction with two of Disney’s most imaginative characters – Phineas and Ferb.  This attractive, again, would be interactive leading guests in creating something crazy and fun for their friends while not letting Candace find out what they are creating – we don’t want to get BUSTED! while on vacation.

Phineas and Ferb

The last area that I would update is the long-drawn out Ellen’s Universe of Energy show.  This is one of Disney’s longest in-park shows at around 45 minutes.  It is a huge time drain but can be a nice place for a mid-afternoon nap in the summer.  But, it’s not a great attraction.  What I’m thinking for this pavilion is sort of “Test Track Space.”  I remember on a visit to the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC – they had a cool spaceship simulation.  Guests spent time learning about different fuels and different configurations for a spaceship.  At the end, guests could create their own spaceship with the goal achieving orbit with earth.  Something similar to that attraction would be a nice fit for this location.  Then, on that side of the park, you would have “simulation central” with “Test Launch Space,” Mission SPACE, and Test Track.  A nice set of attractions which sort of tie into one another.

Over the summer, I wrote an article on how the movies in World Showcase need to be updated.  There are a lot of movies which are getting very dated (looking at you France!) and giving guests a new experience/movie to watch while touring around the world would be a refreshing change.  Especially for guests who go to the parks on a frequent basis.

EPCOT, on the whole, needs some refreshing especially in Future World to keep up with the changes that are occurring at the other Disney parks.  Future World is supposed to focused on the future.  However, the future in 1982 is rapidly becoming now and soon now will be yesterday.  EPCOT could, as a result, end up like The Contemporary with sort of “post post-modern” look on the future.

Do you agree or disagree with any of my proposed changes to EPCOT and Future World?  What would you change?

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “When Will EPCOT Get It’s Update”

  1. I agree with needing to update future world. When we go to EPCOT we usually go later to avoid the morning rush. Soarin and spaceship earth are about the only two rides I really enjoy. We love world showcase and as long as we go there we are happy.
    I am not sure about your suggestions of new rides. Ellens is WAY OLD but there needs to be some HUGE theme to accomidate the ride part of it. Innoventions is wasted space and needs something to draw people in. I enjoyed the origional journey into imagination but the latest one is not up to par. Maybe this is a difficult thing for the imagineers to figure out as well. Trying to keep the EPCOT theme alive but attracting new and returning guests. Oh yeah, more countries around World Showcase would be nice…….

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