More Frozen News and Some Commentary

The Disney Parks blog announced, yesterday, that there would be a holiday-time Frozen event at Hollywood Studios.  This event, called, the Frozen Holiday Premium Package, gets a guest the following:

  • Reserved Seating for the Frozen Sing-Along
  • Reserved Viewing for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights
  • Frozen-themed Dessert Party
  • A Holiday-themed Lithograph
  • A Frozen Pin

The cost for this event is $89/adult (plus tax) and $59/child (plus tax, child aged 3-9).  The event will take place on November 7-19, November 21-December 9, December 11-January 4.  I’ve heard rumors that Hollywood Studios is closing at 4 pm on November 20.  No word on why there is no event on December 10.

My commentary after the jump.

In general, I have lots of problems with Disney’s new trend of “premium level” events – this event included.  The event is $30 more per adult and $25 more per child more than Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package and, on the face of it, a guest seems to get less for their money.  The Frozen Summer Fun had reserved seating for the sing-along AND reserved seating for the Frozen Fireworks, which I heard were amazing, along with reserved seating for the Welcome Procession.  The dessert party was still included although there was no lithograph or Frozen pin as part of Frozen Summer Fun.

So, why the jump?  The easy answer is to say people are willing to pay the premium price for this event and others like it.  Did Disney think that $59 for adults and $34 for children was too much of a bargain making demand for the event higher than the supply?  That’s another possible reason since the Frozen Summer Fun Premium tickets were usually sold out in advance.  As a result, an easy way to reduce demand is to increase the price.  To me, this price increase seems a bit steep.  For the Villains Soiree Premium event as part of the Halloween Party, you get access to the castle, interaction with Disney villains, as well as a reserved location for Hallowishes and the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  That event costs only $10 more which makes it look like a bargain compared to the Frozen Holiday event.

This press release leaves a couple of unanswered questions.  What exactly is “reserved viewing” for the Osborne Spectacle of Lights?  Is a just a holiday-themed lithograph or is it a Frozen and holiday-themed lithography?  In my opinion, viewing for the Osborne Spectacle of Lights is viewing for the Osborne Spectacle of Lights.  Unless I’m getting a “behind the lights” tour, I’m not seeing the value in this feature.  Same with the lithograph.  If it’s just a generic Walt Disney World holiday lithograph, there really isn’t a lot of value in that.  If it’s a Frozen holiday lithograph, there is some value but not enough to make part of a premium package.

Looking at it on the whole, a guest loses the Frozen fireworks and the Weclome procession but gains a reserved viewing for the Osborne Lights, a holiday lithograph, and a Frozen pin all while being charged $25 to $30 more person.  I’m sorry, Disney, I’m going to have to cry foul on this event.  There isn’t enough value added to the event to justify the increase in cost.

That’s my opinion.  Share yours by leaving us a comment on the blog, on the Facebook page, or on twitter.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “More Frozen News and Some Commentary”

  1. Great post! I completely agree.
    We visited The Studios in September and did not do the Premium Frozen package, and I do not think we missed a thing. The theater for the Frozen Sing Along is really big and well set up so there are no “bad” seats. My girls had a great time. And for the fireworks, we just sat down in the street 20-30 min before the show and were fine. We held our daughters on our shoulders, and they couldn’t have been happier. It’s a fireworks show in the sky, why do you need reserved seating? Having said that, we did have a nice spot in front of one of the several big screens on the strip, so we didn’t miss any stage action.

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