Walt Disney World Concrete

When my wife and I were walking back from EPCOT to Yacht Club, last week, she asked me a very interesting question.  Why is the concrete at Walt Disney World not all white or black-topped?

I thought about this for minute and the best answer I could come with was that white concrete would be too bright and reflect too much sunlight.  This would lead to many sunburned legs and the need for sunglasses through the parks.  Black-topped pavement would be too hot and melt in the Florida Sun.  And given that temperatures got above 100 on both Saturday and Sunday during our stay, this is a distinct possibility.  Reddish-tinted concrete would not be as hot as black-topped pavement and is dull enough that it wouldn’t reflect light.

My logic seemed sound until I returned home and researched the answer further this afternoon.  The concrete is colored because it provides more vivid colors for photographs when light reflects off the colored concrete compared to plain concrete.  In the planning stages of the park, Kodak and Disney studied which shades of concrete provide the best colors for pictures.  This is best seen in the Magic Kingdom where each land has a different concrete color which defines where one land ends and new land begins.

photo courtesy of easy wdw
photo courtesy of easy wdw
photo courtesy of easy wdw
photo courtesy of easy wdw
photo courtesy of allears
photo courtesy of allears

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Weekend Trip Report – Day 2 (Villains Unleashed)

After spending a refreshing afternoon along Stormalong Bay, my wife and I returned to our room and got ready for the Villains Unleashed party at Hollywood Studios.  This was the centerpiece and reason we made this trip.  My wife loves the Disney villains and we missed out on last year’s event.  So when we found out about this year’s event, we jumped on the opportunity.

Our original plan was to take the boat over to Hollywood Studios and eat at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge before the party.  However, mother nature got in the way.  A strong, late August afternoon thunderstorm was on its way.  It shut down the boat traffic between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.  We made the quick decision to walk toward Hollywood Studios.  If we could beat the storm to Hollywood Studios, great, if not Plan B was to stop at Big River Grille and Brewhouse for dinner.

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Happy Labor Day


Dad For Disney did find some time to relax on the Labor Day but he also wanted to make sure that he participated in the Disney Music Monday link-up with Mike from My Dreams of Disney.  Although, Labor Day does not have the same patriotic fervor as Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  The Voices of Liberty are still a good source of inspiration on this Labor Day.

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