Fastpass+ – Too Much Planning

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article on trying to figure out if Fastpass+ is a good idea or over-planning.  When I wrote the article, I had yet to go through the experience of planning out my Fastpass+ reservations for a full vacation.  My wife and I had planned out some FP+ reservations for a short trip in August.  That trip was just for two people and only for a couple of days.  It was a much more relaxed trip than our usual family vacations.  Earlier this week, our Fastpass+ reservation window opened up for our family vacation in November.  After the night of making reservations, I was ready to go play in traffic.  I don’t know how my wife must have felt since she was on the My Disney Experience system and making the reservations.  I was just lobbed question after question about attractions, times, etc.

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That’s Too Many Eggs Gaston!

In Gaston’s song about himself, of course, he mentions how many dozen eggs he eats to stay big and strong.


Eggs #2

Eggs #2

Eggs #2

Eggs #2

Eggs #2

Gaston eats five dozen eggs each day.  When Gaston was a growing lad, he ate four dozen eggs every day.  Thankfully, Gaston is a fictional character.  If you or I ate four or five dozen eggs every day, we would be in a lot of trouble with our doctors.  There is between 66 and 100 calories in each eggs.  Let’s low ball it say that each egg eaten by Gaston has 66 calories.  Five dozen eggs is 3,960 calories (66 calories x 60).  If they 100 calories, that’s 6,600 calories.  We would look nowhere as fit and trim as Gaston.


Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia


Who Was Joe Fowler?

By now, everyone who has been to the Magic Kingdom has either seen or ridden on the Admiral Joe Fowler ferry boat which transports guests to and the Magic Kingdom.  But who is the man behind the name?  Well, I did a little research to find out about the man behind the boat.

photo courtesy of imagineering disney
photo courtesy of imagineering disney

Admiral Joe Fowler, firstly, is truly an Admiral.  He served in the United States Navy from 1917 to 1948.  He graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1917 and went into duty during World War I as a navigator on a submarine.  Four years later, he graduated from MIT with a degree in Naval Architecture and started his career in naval construction.  He spent years working on designing new ships and overseeing repairs.  During World War II, he oversaw construction and the San Francisco Naval Yard.  After the war and his retirement from the Navy, Admiral Fowler continued in the construction field by planning communities of newly built homes.

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Two Announced Closures – Two Different Reactions

On the past two Fridays, Disney has attempted to “take out the trash” by announcing the closure of two attractions.  Last week, Disney announced the closure of Maelstrom.  This week, Disney announced the closure of The Backlot Tour.  These announcements brought two entirely different reactions from the Disney community.  Outside of a few people, there was a collective shrug of the shoulders at the closure of The Backlot Tour.  Compare that to the Maelstrom which brought a large amount of outrage to the point where #savemaelstrom was still trending two or three days after the announcement.  It even generated a Yahoo! article discussing the outrage over the closure.

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Weekly Update – September 21

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