Fast Pass, Just Pass, or Wait for It – Transportation Edition

Today, we bring out another edition of Fast Pass, Just Pass, or Wait for It.  This time, we are looking at Disney transportation to and from the parks.  There are many different ways to get to and from the parks and some of these ways are better than others in my opinion.  But like anything with an opinion, what I like may be different from yours so when you are done reading please leave us a comment.  Transportation which is eligible for this game: the monorail, the boat launches around the Magic Kingdom resorts and Ticket & Transportation Center, the Friendships between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, the buses, and finally your feet.

photo courtesy of trip advisor
photo courtesy of trip advisor

Just Pass (this is for the type of transportation you’re willing to skip): I would just pass on the buses any chance I get.  The buses can’t hold a lot of people and it always seems like a long wait whenever you need to wait for one.  When a bus does arrive, it’s usually crowded and you end up standing which tires out your legs and feet even more.

As a DVC member at Bay Lake Tower, my bus experience is generally limited to travelling to Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom.  I have alternate modes of transportation to get to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

I will say that the Disney buses were a key part of my “what the heck, let’s do it” four parks in one day.  I needed to take a bus to Animal Kingdom to start the day.  Then, I took a bus from Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios.  I used the Friendships to shuttle me and my family to and from Hollywood Studios and EPCOT.  The night ended with an escape out of EPCOT via the International Gateway to Beach Club to catch a bus to Magic Kingdom to complete the day.  The day closed with a short walk back to Bay Lake Tower.  So, the buses to serve a purpose and fill a need to get guests just about everywhere.  But, for me, they are not my favorite mode of Disney transportation.

Grand Floridian from Bay Lake
Grand Floridian from Bay Lake

Wait For It (transportation that you’re willing to wait for): The resort boats from Magic Kingdom to the Magic Kingdom area resorts (minus The Contemporary) is my wait for it transportation.  It’s a under-utilized form a transportation and the wait for the boats are generally shorter than for the monorail.  In the summer, you can get a cool breeze off the water and have a chance to cool off for a couple of minutes.  Year around, you can get some great pictures (like the one above) of the Magic Kingdom resorts as the boat doesn’t much very quickly.

Another plus for the boats is they can not get overcrowded.  The boats are restricted by the number of life jackets on the boat.  You are guaranteed a seat (unlike on the the Friendships) which gives you a chance to rest your feet from a day in the Magic Kingdom or give them a few more minutes rest before a day in the Magic Kingdom.

photo courtesy of wdwinfo
photo courtesy of wdwinfo

Fast Pass (mode of transportation you would take everywhere): I love the monorail.  It is the iconic form of Disney transportation.  When I think “monorail,” I think Disney.  As a kid, I loved sitting in the front car and taking the monorail to EPCOT.  It’s a fun 10-15 minutes ride to and from EPCOT as you move above the rest of the world.  For my family, we try to make the monorail the last attraction that we go on before we catch The Magical Express back to the airport.  It’s both a ride and an attraction.  I would love it if Disney extended the monorail to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom but I also understand that new monorail line construction is very cost prohibitive.  So, I doubt that I will never seen this line extension to the other parks.

What are your favorite and least favorite modes of Disney transportation?  Leave us a comment here, or in the Facebook Group, or on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Fast Pass, Just Pass, or Wait for It – Transportation Edition”

  1. For us, no trip to WDW is officially “started” without a trip on the monorail. MK is our first (and last) park of any trip, so driving over to the Poly and catching the monorail to MK is always the start.

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