The Bare Necessities

Welcome to another Disney Music Monday blog hop.  Today, we are looking a song from the Disney classic movie, The Jungle Book.  The Jungle Book, like most Disney films of the era, had songs written by the Sherman Brothers.  However, The Bare Necessities is unique.  It is the only song from The Jungle Book soundtrack not written by the Sherman Brothers.  It was written by Terry Gilkyson.  Gilkyson was brought in to write all of the songs for the movie.  However, a large portion of the song had to dark of a tone for Walt Disney’s vision of the movie.  As a result,  the Sherman Brothers were brought to completely re-write the soundtrack with The Bare Necessities as the lone survivor of Mr. Gilkyson’s work.

Thanks for joining me on this Disney Music Monday with a look at one of Disney’s classic songs from one its classic movies.

Disney Music Monday #1

Thanks for reading!

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