That’s Too Many Eggs Gaston!

In Gaston’s song about himself, of course, he mentions how many dozen eggs he eats to stay big and strong.


Eggs #2

Eggs #2

Eggs #2

Eggs #2

Eggs #2

Gaston eats five dozen eggs each day.  When Gaston was a growing lad, he ate four dozen eggs every day.  Thankfully, Gaston is a fictional character.  If you or I ate four or five dozen eggs every day, we would be in a lot of trouble with our doctors.  There is between 66 and 100 calories in each eggs.  Let’s low ball it say that each egg eaten by Gaston has 66 calories.  Five dozen eggs is 3,960 calories (66 calories x 60).  If they 100 calories, that’s 6,600 calories.  We would look nowhere as fit and trim as Gaston.


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