Imagineering Some New Character Meals

Character meals are a great experience for both young and old.  It is a great place to meet a lot of characters in a short period of time while getting fed.  Some time back, I posted my top 5 Character Meals.

When I went to Walt Disney World, a couple of weeks ago, I spent some time eating at some of the more “off the beaten” path restaurants mainly at moderate resorts.  I started thinking when I got back: “Why not add some characters to some of these meals?”  It would drive some foot traffic to these restaurants potentially increasing revenues and profits which would make Disney happy.  Disney could use some of the characters who aren’t out in circulation to bring people into the restaurants.  What did I come with?

Port Orleans Logo

Port Orleans is one of the most popular moderate resorts at Walt Disney World.  It also is home to Boatwright’s Dining Hall.  The restaurant could be the ideal location for: Princess Tiana’s Bayou Breakfast.

photo courtesy of Disney Princess Wikipedia
photo courtesy of Disney Princess Wikipedia

Food could be some standard Disney buffet fare with some Southern twists: Mickey Waffles and Mickey Beignets alongside some chicken n’ biscuits and grits.  Four characters could be wandering the restaurant for meet and greets.  Two obvious choices are Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.  Louis the Alligator would also be present for autographs.  The fourth character could be a rotating character with: Ray the Firefly, Mama Odie, Charlotte LeBouff, and Doctor Facilier in the restaurant depending on the day.

Port Orleans is a great resort and the addition of a character meal would make this resort even better.

Another obvious choice for a character meal at a moderate resort is a Three Caballeros Dinner at Maya Grille.  The three characters are already seen at the resort in topiary form.

Disney August 2014 058

Why not bring these characters into Maya Grille for a character dinner.  They fit the theme  of the resort.  They are regionally appropriate for the resort.  Character meals are best as buffets so the menu would need to be converted into something more conducive for a buffet.  The menu could be four different “make-your-own” stations.  A make-your-own taco, nacho, fajita, and burritos stations.  And no American Southwest/Mexican meal would be complete without churros for desserts.

Fort Wilderness already has plenty of dinner and evening entertainment between the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, and Campfire Sing-along with Chip ‘n’ Dale.  A breakfast character meal with the cast of Brother Bear would fit the area nicely.

photo courtesy of behind the voice actors
photo courtesy of behind the voice actors

Another place where a character meal could be placed isn’t a moderate resort but it’s one of the biggest resorts on property: Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.  Disney’s only horse racing movie as been the live-action Secretariat which doesn’t make for a good character experience.  Saratoga Springs, in the past, was a place where the high society of New York would summer at the spa.  Disney has one “high society” movie in The Aristocats,  Another direction that Imagineers could go is toward The Fox and the Hound and play into concept of the English fox hunt.

Each theme would require a different menu for breakfast.  An Aristocats meal could have a meal with a more French flair while The Fox and the Hound breakfast would be geared to a more English style breakfast.  Personally, I prefer a French breakfast to an English breakfast so I would lean toward having The Aristocats breakfasts.  Guests could meet: Marie, Scat Cat, and Napoleon.  Marie already meets guests at the France Pavilion in EPCOT but this would give guests another opportunity.

These are just my thoughts about creating some character meals at some of the moderate resorts at Walt Disney World.  I like to play Imagineer and this is pretty much a blank slate.  What type of character meals would you like to see at a restaurant which doesn’t currently have a character meal?  Leave us a comment either here or on the Dad For Disney Facebook Group.

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5 thoughts on “Imagineering Some New Character Meals”

  1. I have too made “official” suggestions. Frozen hot chocolate, American girl doll and girl size matching clothes. You get a very polite and official email. Hope yours go farther. They are pretty good.

  2. Marie no longer appears in France but rather in Magic Kingdom at Main Street USA. I would love a character meal at All Star Movies to feature Sorcerer Mickey, Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep and Cruella DeVil. Or maybe at Art of Animation with Ariel, Sebastian, Timon, Rafiki and Eric. Another at Caribbean Beach with Captain Jack, Hook, Smee and Jake would be cool.

      1. Over at Disneyland, they have Minnie’s Breakfast in the Park at Plaza Inn which converts into counter service for lunch and dinner. It’s awkward. You have to get your own drinks.

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