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When writing my articles for the blog, I sit and listen to a lot of podcasts.  One of the first podcasts I found was the Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast hosted by Keith, Alan, and Sean.  A few weeks ago, they were kind enough to ask me on their show to play Fastpass, Just Pass, or Standby.  Today, they return the favor and become my interview subjects on the blog.  Let’s meet the guys behind the Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast.

Can you take a minute and introduce yourself to the readers?  Are you guys related or are you guys just people who met through a mutual love of Disney?

Keith- I am an Executive Chef from Ohio who happened to get bit by the Disney bug later in life. I had went once as a toddler but don’t really remember too much other than what’s in the pictures. I am married to a wonderful wife who is also a Disney fan.

Sean – I am a network administrator and part-time travel agent. I am married to a great wife and mother who loves Disney but puts up with my passion for it. I have a son who is turning 4 and a daughter who is turning 1. We are also DVC Members for 6 years now.

Alan- I’m a loan/mortgage officer for a credit union in North Carolina where I live with my beautiful wife who luckily is also a Disney fan. We’ve been DVC members since 2011 and frequently visit Walt Disney World. When I don’t have Disney on the brain, I also enjoy sports, music, and cooking.

We like to say we are brothers from another perch. We all met on twitter and became friends. Sean approached me (Keith) with the idea of doing a podcast. We thought it would be better to have three people for more opinions and a better flow to the show. We really wanted Alan to join in and he did and the rest is history.

What made you into Disney fans?

Keith- I have always liked the cartoons and movies ever since I was a kid. Our family would go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for summer trips so I never got to the parks. When I was older I was going through a rough patch and my cousins convinced me and my wife to go to Disney World with them. I fell into the escapism that is Walt Disney World. I was transformed into a kid again. So when I got home I wanted to keep that feeling so I dove in head first. I read everything I could, researched history, kept up on Disney news, and just became immersed in the Disney culture.

Sean – I remember my first trip in 84 at the age of 9 and I loved being in Disney but it was my trip in 89 that sealed my love for Disney. Visiting the Studios for the first time made me fall in love with Disney because I loved the whole aspect of the behind the scenes of movie making.  But it was actually Horizons that took my heart. I could not get enough of that attraction. I wanted to escape into that attraction and dissect every part of it. At that point I just could not get enough of Disney.

Alan- When I was growing up, my parents brought my sister and I to Walt Disney World frequently so I come by it naturally. Many of my favorite vacation memories from my childhood originate from Walt Disney World. As I’ve gotten older, that love has grown.

Do you collect anything from your Disney trips?  I assume something from the Enchanted Tiki Room

Keith- I personally will collect the pressed pennies/quarters, and I will always buy a different set of ears on every trip. My wife and I as a couple will get a Christmas ornament or something for the house.

Sean – We used to get Christmas Ornaments on every trip but they stopped producing Mickey and Minnies Tree Farm. Usually its just a T shirt or something else that may jump out at me.

Alan- Every time my wife and I stay at a new resort, we purchase the resort pin to commemorate the stay. We also buy a few other special pins if there’s something going on like Food & Wine or Flower & Garden.

What did you decide to do a podcast?  When you told people about the podcast what advice did they give you?  Did you seek out advice from other podcasts?

We really didn’t have a set theme or topic we wanted to stick to. We just wanted to share our love of Disney and hope other people liked it. As far as advice we kind of went into this blind. We of course all listened to other podcasts and were and still are fans of theirs, but didn’t want to copy any one show either.

What do you think makes your podcast stand out from the rest?

That is a hard question to answer because there are so many great shows out there. It would be hard to say what sets us apart, but we will tell you what our listeners have told us. They like the fact we are honest in our opinions and that we don’t “drink the kool-aid” as they say. They like our interviews. We are so blessed to have been able to talk to so many great people. They say our friendship really shines through when we record. Which is the best compliment of all, because we have become great friends from this journey.

Do you have advice for any up and coming podcasters?

Don’t try to make a perfect show. Do the podcast you want to and if you like it chances are others will too.

Do you have any tips for people making a trip to the parks that you haven’t mentioned in the podcast?

We aren’t sure if this has been covered on the show or not, but just have fun. Understand that trying to force every show, ride, and attraction probably won’t happen in one trip. Just enjoy yourself and do your research. We always like to help people plan their trips or answer questions so we encourage them to ask us.

Is there anything you want to say to your loyal listeners?

There are really no words to describe how thankful and honored we are to have such awesome listeners. It is amazing how many people you meet doing this and how many of them have become great friends to us personally.

Where can people find your podcast?

You can find us at,, our merchandise store and if you want to call us and leave a message, question, or greeting from a Disney Park (or anywhere for that matter) it’s 256-4My-Tiki (256-469-8454)

Continue to watch this space for upcoming details of the first Dad For Disney Facebook Group giveaway.  More details will be coming soon.

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