World Showcase News and Upcharge Commentary

There was some big news released, this morning, from the World Showcase at EPCOT.  Many popular acts, according to WDW Magic, have been told that their final performances will be at the end of September.

  • Mo’Rockin at the Morocco Pavilion, Off Kilter in the Canada Pavilion, and Spirit of America at The American Adventure will be making their final appearances on September 27.
  • The World Showcase Players have been told that their final performance will be on September 25.
  • There are unconfirmed reports that British Revolution will have their final performance on September 27.
Spirit of America (photo courtesy of wdw info)
Spirit of America (photo courtesy of wdw info)

No official reason has been issued as to why these groups are being retired.  That has left nothing but speculation which I won’t get into here.  However, Disney has announced some new groups and shows which will be taking their place.

  • A lumberjack show in Canada
  • Flag-waving performers in Italy
  • A Berber music and dance troupe in Morocco
  • Celtic folk music group in the United Kingdom

We will have to wait and see if these groups will put a breath of fresh air into the stage performances at the World Showcase.

The other topic I want to cover today is a new event that is being introduced to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Villains Soiree: A Wicked Takeover of Cinderella’s Castle

This event is a special hard-ticket event much like the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package.  For $99+tax (ages 3 and over, there is no reduced children’s rate), guests will be treated to the following:

  • Preferred Viewing for the 8:15 pm Boo-to-You Parade
  • Preferred Viewing to Hallowishes
  • Dessert Soiree at Cinderella’s Royal Table: Featuring visits from villains, themed dessert, speciality drinks (non-alcoholic), an autograph card, and Maleficent Dragon cup

Some time ago, I wrote an article on the growing number of hard ticket events at Disney.  My conclusion was that we are getting close to the breaking point of too many hard ticket events.

This event, while it looks good on the surface, crosses that line.   It’s a hard-ticketed event within a hard-ticketed event.  The event, though, is already quickly selling out.

Villains Unleashed #1

However, I think this is a “make-good” event because of the poor reviews that the Villains Unleashed party received.  There were reports of guest services at Hollywood Studios giving people the option of their money back or a free ticket to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Now, how many of those people who took free tickets are buying up Villains Soiree tickets and, in essence, double dipping on Villains.

Personally, I find the Villains Soiree to be over-priced and not a good value for the money.  There are plenty of locations where guests can get a good view of the Boo-to-You Parade (hint: Frontierland).  As a DVC member, I can leave the Halloween Party, after the parade, and have a great view of Hallowishes from the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower.

Disney keeps offering these premium events because people continue to buy them and Disney continues to make money from them.  I find spending $70 per person for a MNSSHP ticket and then spending $99 for a Villains Soiree ticket too much.  It would cost $537.42 for my family if we chose to do both events.  I can buy a three-day park ticket with park hopper & water parks and more option AND a Memorymaker for the same price.

I’m sure in a couple of months when we get closer to the Christmas Party that Disney will announce some type of $100 event at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  If the Villains Soiree is selling out quickly, there is no reason to doubt that a Christmas event wouldn’t sell out.  It’s probably just a question as to which characters will host the event in the Castle.

I try to be as upbeat as I can about Disney but this announcement of a hard-ticketed event within a hard-ticketed event just rubs me the wrong way.

The Dad For Disney Facebook Group will be holding it’s first giveaway at the beginning of September.  Watch this space for future announcements.

I can also be followed on twitter: @DadForDisney

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