Weekend Trip Report – Day One

My journey to Walt Disney World began bright and early at 5:45 am as my wife and I woke up to head the airport.  Our daughter was safe and sound with my wife’s family and had not idea that we were taking this trip.  We had an uneventful drive to the airport and getting through security was a breeze.  Our flight to Charlotte was at the gate and ready to go.  Our flight was relatively straight forward.  My wife and I got to both enjoy aisle seats.  We got to Charlotte early made our way to our gate for Orlando.  Again, things went without a hiccup.  Flight arrived on-time and we started the boarding process early.  Another uneventful flight and we were in Orlando.

After a stop in the washroom, we put on our MagicBands and headed for the Magical Express.  Our MagicBands worked without a hitch and we queued up for our bus to Yacht Club.  We never have any luck with buses.  When we stay at Bay Lake Tower, we are the last stop on that bus loop.  I was hoping for something different.  NOPE!  We stopped at Caribbean Beach.  We stopped at Boardwalk.  We stopped at Beach Club.  Finally, Yacht Club was the last stop.  😦

We checked into our room: 3124 and we had an excellent view of trees and a parking lot.  One bonus: we were upgraded from two queen bed to one king bed.  We dropped off our stuff.  Forgot the sunscreen in the room and headed out to EPCOT.

Our first stop was in France.  I grabbed a Coconut White Chocolate Croque Glace from L’Artisan des Glaces.

Day One #1


This is by far my favorite frozen snack at Walt Disney World.  The ice cream, for the most part, stays in the sandwich.  And it stays frozen even in a warm brioche.

My wife went in Boulangerie Patisserie and got a Jambon Beurre (ham and cheese with dijon mustard butter), a chocolate croissant (for us to split) and a beverage.  We didn’t want anything heavy since it was approaching 3:45 pm and we had dinner reservations at 7:00 pm at Maya Grille in Coronado Springs.

After our lunch/afternoon snack, we hit some attractions as opposed to heading back to the room.   We went in to watch Impressions de France which is still unchanged from its debut.  My wife and I started to wonder when the couple who gets married in the film will be taking their grandkids to Walt Disney World.  🙂

Next, we started to walk around the showcase.  But the sun was blazing and we left the sunscreen in the room.  We stopped in Canada to purchase some sunscreen and a couple of bags of potato chips in case we got hungry later.  We left World Showcase and cut over to The Seas to go on one of my family’s favorite attractions: The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  The attraction had a 15 minute wait.  We knew a lot of this time was just walking back to the attraction.

We got to sit back relax and go through the story of Finding Nemo, one of our favorite movies.  After the ride, we got to the front of the park for a tour of Spaceship Earth.  This ride, like Nemo, had a 15 minute wait time.  But that was balanced by 15 minutes in air conditioning (did I mention it was approaching 100 degrees).

After this ride, we got to the bus stop for Coronado Springs for our dinner at Maya Grill and made it inside before a thunderstorm rolled through.  Full review here.   After dinner, we took a brief tour of the grounds because we were tired from being up at 5:45 am and not being used to the record-breaking Central Florida heat.  But we were able to get some pictures of sunset at Coronado Springs.

Day One #8


Day One #3

To get back to Yacht Club, we took two Disney buses.  The first took us to Magic Kingdom where we transferred to a Yacht Club bus.  We got back to our room and before we started to unpack, I took some pictures of our room.

His and her sinks outside of the bathroom
His and her sinks outside of the bathroom
Shower curtain with design Mickeys
Shower curtain with design Mickeys

Day One #6

We got turn down service on our first night.  On nights two and three of our stay, we did not turn down service.





Day One #7

Captain Mickey was at the ready to turn the lights on for us.  After we got settled, I made the walk over to the Beach Club Marketplace to grab some snacks to close out the night.  We turned in early.  We knew that day two was going to be a long one.


Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Trip Report – Day One”

  1. I got that ice cream sandwich in France! It was amazing, strawberry sorbet with raspberry sauce. I wish I had been able to get another!

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