Top Five Attractions at EPCOT

EPCOT is a theme park without many attractions.  However, there are enough attractions between Future World and the World Showcase to come up with a top five list.  There is a very popular attraction which did not make my list.  One attraction just went through a massive refurbishment which preserved its spot on the list.  Let’s get on to the list:

5) The Gran Fiesta Tour

The Three Caballeros

Donald and his Latin American friends, Jose Carioca and Panchito, take guests through a tour of the Mexican countryside.  It is one of only two ride-able attractions in the World Showcase.  The ride is located in the giant pyramid which is the centerpiece of the Mexican pavilion.  You start the ride going past the San Angel Inn which can only make you hungry for the Mexican food as you go into the meat of the ride.  Because of the ride’s location at the back of the pavilion, there is rarely a wait for this attraction.  If you are lucky, you can get your picture taken with Mexican Donald Duck outside the pavilion when you are finished with the attraction.

4) Mission Space

photo courtesy of wdwmagic
photo courtesy of wdwmagic

Mission Space is two attractions in one.  Both attractions, Orange and Green, have the same basic idea: A Mission to Mars.  There is Mission Space: Green which is for guests who aren’t looking for a thrill ride experience.  For those looking for a thrill, there is Mission Space: Orange.  Each experience has its own queue so a group which splits up between the Green and Orange experience may have some group members waiting as their experience had less of a wait.  Typically the Orange experience has a longer wait than the Green because, in my opinion, of the lack of “thrill rides” in EPCOT.

3) Malestrom

photo courtesy of wikipedia
photo courtesy of wikipedia

An attraction and a land under a lot of rumors this week but these rumors aren’t what land this attraction as our #3 attraction in EPCOT.  It’s a fun attraction which takes guests back to medieval Norway in a Viking ship.  It is the more thrilling attraction of the two World Showcase attractions since there are some drops and the ride does go backwards for a brief period.  And of course no story of medieval Norway couldn’t be told without the adorable little trolls which make numerous appearances on the attraction.  The only thing which prevents Malestrom from reaching the top two is the movie at the end of the attraction.  Almost everyone bypassed this dated movie and head straight for the gift shop then back to out the World Showcase.

2) Test Track

Test Track Re-imagined

This attraction just underwent a massive refurbishment.  However, this refurbishment caused it to fall from #1 to #2 in my rankings.  The ride is exactly the same as it was before the refurbishment.  However, the experience is more “Tron-like” as the Imagineers attempted to move the attraction into the future.  This update has a lot more flashing neon lights throughout the interior part of the attraction.  The outside is exactly the same as guests are raced out the track at around 65 miles per hour.  The attraction is still a family friendly attractions even for those who don’t have thrill seekers in the group.  My wife is one of the non-thrill seekers.  Test Track is her “thrill ride” since it is just like riding in a convertible going down the highway.

1) Spaceship Earth

photo courtesy of wdw info
photo courtesy of wdw info

The iconic and centerpiece of Future World tops my list.  Spaceship Earth is one of the best attractions in all of Walt Disney World in my opinion.  It is an attraction that almost everybody can go on.  The attraction, narrated by Dame Judy Dench, takes guests through the story of civilization from our humble beginnings as cave dwellers to the modern civilization that we live in today.  After the attraction is over, there is a large post-attraction area filled with games and other interactive exhibits.  Given it’s location at the front of the park, it is an attraction that has its longest waits at the beginning of the day.  The wait times drops as the day goes on but then picks back up again as it gets closer to park close

Here’s my honorable mention: Soarin’ (dated experience in need of a refurb), The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Living with the Land

What attractions make your top five list?  What attractions would you take off my list and what attractions would replace them?  No two top five lists will look the same.

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