Guide to Pop Century

photo courtesy of photo pin (Daryl Mitchell)
photo courtesy of photo pin (Daryl Mitchell)

Continuing my series of resort guides, I stop into Pop Century.  This is the largest resort, in terms of rooms, on Walt Disney World property.  It is also the second newest non-DVC property with construction completed in 2003.  The only newer property is The Art of Animation which was built on the site of what was supposed to be “Legendary Years” wing of the Pop Century Resort.  Only the “Classic Years” spanning the 50s through the 90s was built.  It is one of five value properties at Walt Disney World along with The Art of Animation and the three All-Star properties.  Let’s take a look inside

One of the first things, I like to do is get a lay of the land by looking at the resort map.

photo courtesy of wdwmagic
photo courtesy of wdwmagic

It’s a big resort with five main room areas: 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  Each group of rooms is wildly themed to the decade that it represents on the exterior.  Once inside, the rooms are fairly standard hotel rooms with some decade specific themeing.

Pop Century 90s room
Pop Century 90s room
photo courtesy of my first visit
photo courtesy of my first visit

These rooms aren’t big but are perfect for “park commandos” who don’t plan on spending a lot of time in the room and are just looking for a place to sleep.  As a value resort, they are also well suited to those who are travelling to Disney on a budget but want to take advantage of all of the Disney perks like extra magic hours.

Bowling Pin Pool
Bowling Pin Pool

The resort has three pools for the resort guests.

  • The Bowling Pin Pool – 50’s area rooms
  • The Hippy Dippy Pool – 60’s area rooms – also has a kiddie pool
  • The Computer Pool – 80’s and 90’s area rooms

The 70’s rooms do not have “their own” pool but the rooms are within an easy walk to both the Hippy Dippy Pool and The Computer Pool.  A mild inconvenience but also makes them some of the quieter rooms at the room since there is no pool outside.

Pop Century Food Court

The Central Hall is where a resort guest can find the Everything Pop Food Court and Shopping area.  The Food Court serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The food is standard food court fare with eggs, pancakes, and breakfast rolls for breakfast.  Lunch and dinner has sandwiches, burgers, and pizza.  The food court is one of the few places where a Disney guest can get a Disney pork shank.

Everything Pop Breakfast Menu

Everything Pop Lunch/Dinner Menu

Pop Century Lobby

Located just outside the Central Hall is the lone Pop Century Resort bus stop to the theme parks.  This would make staying at the central room groups (the 60’s) advantageous.  However, if you choose to drive your own car to and from the parks, where the bus stop is doesn’t really impact your room choice.

Buses will operate from one hour before theme park opening to one hour after the park closes.  The average wait time for a bus is 8 to 10 minutes but will vary based on volume going to and from parks.  Buses run, at worst, every 15 minutes.  Transportation time to and from the parks:

  • Animal Kingdom: 9 to 12 minutes
  • EPCOT: 8 to 10 minutes
  • Hollywood Studios: 5 to 7 minutes
  • Magic Kingdom: 12 to 15 minutes
  • Downtown Disney: 12 to 15 minutes

So, there you have my guide to the Pop Century Resort.

The Dad For Disney Facebook Group will be having a giveaway when we reach 500 members and I return from my Disney trip at the end of the month.  The prize is still to be determined.

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Thanks for reading!

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