Celebrations is this week’s topic for the Disney Wordless Wednesday blog up.  Disney does all kinds of celebrations.  The parks are basically a 24/7/365 celebration.  Celebrations come in all sizes and it in varying ways.

There is the outward announcement of a celebration (like the Not So Scare Halloween Party):

Celebrations #1

Then, there is the more subtle announcement of a holiday celebration like a bat cake with a trick-or-treating Mickey.

Celebrations #2


I’ll be back for next week’s theme which is Retro Disney.

Focused on the Magic

Guide to Pop Century

photo courtesy of photo pin (Daryl Mitchell)
photo courtesy of photo pin (Daryl Mitchell)

Continuing my series of resort guides, I stop into Pop Century.  This is the largest resort, in terms of rooms, on Walt Disney World property.  It is also the second newest non-DVC property with construction completed in 2003.  The only newer property is The Art of Animation which was built on the site of what was supposed to be “Legendary Years” wing of the Pop Century Resort.  Only the “Classic Years” spanning the 50s through the 90s was built.  It is one of five value properties at Walt Disney World along with The Art of Animation and the three All-Star properties.  Let’s take a look inside

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