A Spoonful of Sugar

Welcome back to another Disney Music Monday Link-Up.

Disney Music Monday #1

Disney has a lot of music to choose and usually a Disney song brings up some type of Disney park memory for me.

Today, though, I’m sticking with a song but for a different reason.  I was watching Jeopardy last week and the Final Jeopardy! category was “Disney Songs”

The answer was: A Spoonful of Sugar

Question: The inspiration of this song come from what the doctors had to do when administering the polio vaccine to the children of one of the Sherman brothers.

The Robert Sherman’s children were given their polio vaccine on a cube of sugar which was then swallowed and the sugar masked the bad taste of the vaccine.  Robert had spent the entire day at work trying to develop a song for the movie.  The working title of song was, “A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down,” which was then shortened to “A Spoonful of Sugar.”

Even Jeopardy! loves Disney.  🙂

Thanks for reading!

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