Most and Least Scenic Table Service Restaurants at Disney World

We all know that Disney does an excellent job at theming all of its restaurants.  However, some of the restaurants have a better view of the outside world than others.  Today, we’re going to take a look at what restaurants have the best views and what restaurants aren’t the most scenic in the World.  I’ve chosen two restaurants in the each category with one restaurant, each way, that earned a honorable mention.  Unlike most of my lists, I tried to make this list a list that fits everybody tastes and not just mine.  If I restricted the list to Disney World restaurants that I’ve eaten at, the list would look completely different.

Most Scenic Restaurants

2) California Grill at The Contemporary

California Grill makes the list for one reason.  A guest can watch the the fireworks from Magic Kingdom from either their table or from the viewing area which is only available to diners at California Grill.

photo courtesy of disney info
photo courtesy of disney info

I’ve never eaten at California Grill so I can’t comment on the cuisine but from everything I heard from friends of mine that the food here is excellent and being able to view the fireworks during their meal is an extra special bonus.

If you have an afternoon reservation, the view is still amazing.

photo courtesy of tasty chomps
photo courtesy of tasty chomps

1) Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Sanaa, like California Grill, is a restaurant where I haven’t eaten.  The style of cuisine just isn’t my thing.  Looking over the menu, my only option is the strip steak and I can get a better strip steak at a lot of other restaurants on Disney property.  Putting that aside, guests are able to watch the animals pass the by the window while they eat.  Sometimes, the animals could be eating dinner outside while the guests are eating inside.

photo courtesy of disney food blog
photo courtesy of disney food blog

For me, Sanaa loses points for its location at Animal Kingdom Lodge and it has a menu that does not appeal to me.  However, the list doesn’t bring those things into consideration.  It’s about the view and I can’t think of a Disney restaurant that has a better view.

Least Scenic Restaurants

2) The Wave of American Flavors at The Contemporary

The Contemporary makes both the most and least scenic restaurant lists.  The Wave of American Flavors can be described as a well-themed conference room.  It has no view of the outside world unless the few windows in the restaurant are open.  If they are open, don’t expect a great view since the restaurant on the ground floor of The Contemporary.

photo courtesy of disney food blog
photo courtesy of disney food blog

1) Le Cellier

Le Cellier translated into English means the wine cellar.  Disney does an excellent job of making the restaurant feel like it is a wine cellar.  However, a wine cellar doesn’t have any views of what’s outside.   Guests, at the restaurant, have a view whatever they can see in their field of vision which is usually other guests eating their meal.  Doesn’t make for a great view and view most guests will get at a restaurant back home.  While the food here is excellent, the view is lacking.

Le Cellier #3

Honorable Mention: La Hacienda de San Angel (most scenic: excellent view of the World Showcase and the lake), Whispering Canyon Cafe (least scenic: view of the Wilderness Lodge lobby)

So, that’s my list.  If I restricted the list to only restaurants where I’ve eaten, the list would look like this:

Most Scenic:

1) La Hacienda de San Angel

2) Tony’s Town Square (a table with an outside view could have a great view of guests entering the park.  Lots of fun especially during the Halloween parties)

Least Scenic:

1) Le Cellier

2) Whispering Canyon Cafe

What are your most scenic and least scenic restaurants at Walt Disney World?  Leave us a comment.

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