The Three Caballeros – The Soundtrack

The Three Caballeros was released by Disney in 1945 (1944 in Mexico).  But it is the soundtrack of the movie that I am focusing on today in this week’s edition of Disney Music Monday hosted by me and my friend Mike from the My Dreams of Disney blog.  We take some time out each Monday and focus on the music of Disney.

Disney Music Monday #1

What makes the music from The Three Caballeros so interesting?  The one piece of information that peaked my interest was the movie was released in 1945 (1944 in Mexico).  The music was nominated for an Academy Award: Best Musical Score.  It lost to Anchors Aweigh starring some little known singer named Frank Sinatra.  🙂  However, a soundtrack for the movie was not released until 2001 which was even 20 years after its last re-release in theaters.

The Three Caballeros

In all of my research, I could not find a reason as to why it took over 60 years for Disney to release a soundtrack from one its earliest films.

The soundtrack features 14 songs most of which are uncredited works.  The men behind the songs from the film were Edward Plumb, who also worked on the music for Bambi, Paul Smith, who won a Oscar for the music in Pinocchio, and Charles Wolcott, who worked on both Bambi and Pinocchio.

Here’s a song from the soundtrack: Mexico

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