Space Mountain Trivia

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Welcome to Tiggerific Trivia Tuesday hosted by three wonderful bloggers: Jodi at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Mike at My Dreams of Disney, and Heidi at Heidi’s Head.  It’s a link-up that allows bloggers to share Disney trivia with their readers.  Some like to focus on Disney movies, others focus on Disney parks in general.  I like to focus on Disney attractions.  In past weeks, I’ve found little known nuggets of information at The Haunted Mansion and Spaceship Earth.  This week, I’m focusing on another iconic Disney attraction….Space Mountain.

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Everyone knows that Space Mountain is one of the first completely enclosed roller coasters.  But, did you know that Space Mountain is the only Disney World attraction located outside the Walt Disney World Railroad loop.  Original plans had Space Mountain located where the Carousel of Progress is located.  Disney did not want to close the Carousel of Progress so Space Mountain was placed in its current location.

Guests enter the queue for Space Mountain on the theme park side of the railroad tracks.  Then, the queue takes guests underground and through the interactive queue.  This takes the guests to the resort side of the railroad tracks.  Upon completion of the attraction, guests goes through the same tunnel are returned to the Space Mountain gift shop and to the theme park side of the railroad tracks.

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I’ve Got a Dream – Disney Music Monday

Welcome to another Disney Music Monday.  This blog is co-hosted by myself, and my friend Mike, who runs the My Dreams of Disney blog.  This blog hop takes a closer look at the music that makes Disney tick.  It could come from the theme parks, the movies, or the tv shows.  If it’s sung at Disney, it will be talked about in the blog hop.

Disney Music Monday #1

I like to focus on the music from the movies.  There are so many movies and so many songs from those movies.  It’s a vast subject to cover.    Last week, I looked at Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid.  This week, I’m moving to a more recent movie.  Everybody talks about the music from Frozen.  I’m moving back a couple of movies to Tangled which had some fine music of its won.

The song, I’m taking a look at is I’ve Got A Dream.  It’s a fun song which takes place in The Snuggly Duckling – a great name for a tavern.  It’s sung by the Pub Thugs, Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel.  This point of the song is to show people that everybody even the grittiest of people have dreams and that everybody should be trying to achieving those dreams no matter how big or small.  It’s one of the foundations that Disney was built.  Plus, it’s a fun song to listen to.

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Who Should Pay for Any Changes to Norway Pavilion

Many sources are reporting that Disney and Norway are having disagreements as to who should pay for any refurbs and upgrades to the Norway pavilion at EPCOT.  Disney is asking Norway to pay $9 million to keep Norway in the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT.  If Norway does not pay the $9 million, Disney will go ahead with plans to convert Norway into the Kingdom or Arendelle with a much smaller Norwegian presence in the pavilion.  This leads me to today’s question, who should be paying for the refurbs and upgrades to the Norway pavilion?  At the end of the article, please take the time to answer our poll question with your opinion.

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Weekly Update – July 26

It was a busy week for the Dad For Disney blog with two articles released each day Monday through Friday.  As with past weeks, we have new followers join us either through the Facebook group, Twitter, or following the blog directly.  I thank you for this continued support of this growth community.  Now, on to the update:

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Confirmed Testing Phase Queue Change for Anna and Elsa

The testing phase was supposed to end yesterday.  I am actively looking into finding out if the testing phase is continuing.

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2014 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival Menus Ranked

I’ll be back on Monday with another week of articles, debates, and lists.  See you real soon!

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EPCOT Food and Wine Festival Menus Released And Ranked

Earlier this week, Disney released the full menus for the Food and Wine Festival booths.  The festival runs from September 19 to November 10 for a total of 53 days – the most ever.  It is one of my favorite events that Disney has during the year.  This year, however, I’m missing by about 10 days.  Most people are displaying the menus in alphabetical order.  I’ve gone through the menus and have ranked them (in my opinion) from must-have to I’ll pass.  On to the rankings!

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