Disney Dream Jobs

I listen to a bunch of podcasts while I write my articles. Sometimes listening to this podcasts give me ideas for future articles. That is the case with this article. I was listening to the Por Favor Podcast and they were discussing their dream jobs at Disney. It got me to thinking what my Disney Dream jobs would be and I’ve come up with my top five Disney jobs at Walt Disney World. I’m sure some of these I would be facing some competition from my readers to get these jobs.

5) On-Site Disney Vacation Club Sales Representative

photo courtesy of epcot82 blog
photo courtesy of epcot82 blog

Most guests to Disney have seen these representatives through the resorts and parks asking “Do you know about Disney’s best kept secret?” Most people move along or they stop for a second so their child can get a sticker from the before the sales representative can fully get into their sales pitch. As a DVC member, I’ll sometimes stop and talk to them about for a minute about what’s coming in the future and about their job. These reps help people look at their potential Disney trips and how DVC can help them save money. It’s one of the only jobs at Disney where you actually get to sell Disney. You get to interact with people and find out what they love about their Disney vacations and what their vacations could look like in the future

4) Driving Range Attendant at a Disney golf course

photo courtesy of runners trails
photo courtesy of runners trails

You want to spend your day driving a golf cart as a golfers use you for target practice?!?!? Well, yes. That’s the downside of the job. There is plenty of upsides to the job as well. First, the golf courses are usually only busy in the mornings. As a result, the driving range is usually only busy in the mornings. There are some people who use the range in the afternoon because they want to torture themselves in the heat of the day. But, most the part, the driving range is empty by the middle of the afternoon. As a result, you would have the late afternoon and evenings free to go into the parks when the crowds are lower especially after the fireworks. The other reason: you would have access to some of the best golf facilities in Central Florida at a reduced rate. Most courses allow course employees to play either for free or at a reduced rate. When I worked as a caddie during my teen years, the golf course I worked at changed their caddie policy because I played 54 holes on one Monday. Once the members found out, the policy changed to caddies could after 2 pm instead of all day.

3) Greeter at the Contemporary

Carl #1 Carl #2

My favorite resort at Disney is the Contemporary. I love this resort. I love the monorail running through it. I love being about to walk to Magic Kingdom when I stay at Bay Lake Tower on my vacation club points. It’s a great resort. One of my family’s best experiences came when we checked in last September. It had been two years since we had stayed there. When we were checking in, a greeter named Carl came over and started talking with us. He remembered all of us by name, where we were from, and what attraction we would be riding first. He also took some time to talk with my daughter about pin trading. He was a great guy. He was engaging without being overbearing.

This is a job that I would like because I would get to spend everyday at my favorite resort at Disney. I would also get to talk to people about their vacations and most importantly what I could do to make their vacation better.

2) Usher at The Hall of Presidents

Hall of Presidents #2

This Job would put in the heart of the Magic Kingdom – big plus. I am also an American History buff so this would be a fun attraction to work at. There was a time when I could name the Presidents in chronological order. This attraction is perfect for me. I could spend time out answering questions from guests about the Presidents and then going in to see the show and answer any guests questions after the show. Another big plus, it’s entirely inside so worrying about how hot it is or when is it going to rain are no longer concerns. It’s one of the few attractions at Magic Kingdom can learn about their nation’s history and it’s a topic that I’m well versed in.

1) Monorail Driver

Monorail #1

The monorail combined with Contemporary is what I love about Disney. It’s two things that what make Disney….Disney. When I was child, I loved riding up with conductor especially on that long trip from to/from EPCOT. I was hoping I could share this experience with my daughter but the accident in 2009 and the resulting safety concerns took away that chance. Now, the monorail driver is the only person who gets to look out that first car and ride the rail around the Magic Kingdom loop and to and from EPCOT. The monorail is what I love most about Disney so it makes sense that being the driver would be my dream job.

What are you Disney dream jobs? Feel free to share them in a comment or on the Dad For Disney Facebook group or on the @DadForDisney twitter feed.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I recently just looked at the Disney Jobs postings and FULL TIME MONORAIL DRIVER was LISTED!!!! (You rarely see full time jobs like that – usually only the super technical jobs!)

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