Why I Love the Mexico Pavilion

One of my favorite pavilions at EPCOT is the Mexico Pavilion.  It has a lot to offer a guest if they take the time to explore the pavilion.  There is something to do here for people of all ages.  Some people just walk past it to get to some of the other “more popular” pavilions deeper in the World Showcase.  I hope to sway you and take some time and stop and take a closer look at our neighbors to the south.

1) It has two table service restaurants

photo courtesy of jtophoto
photo courtesy of jtophoto

It is one of only four pavilions that has two table service restaurants along with Japan, Morocco, and Italy.  The two restaurants: San Ángel Inn and La Hacienda de San Ángel are close enough in name for the average person to think they are the same restaurant.  They are two separate restaurants.  La Hacienda de San Ángel is not part of the main building.  It is across the walkway and has fantastic views of the World Showcase.

photo courtesy of the disney blog
photo courtesy of the disney blog

San Ángel Inn has a more intimate dining experience inside the pavilion.  In this location, guests can dine while people ride by as they start their experience on Gran Fiesta Tour.  I’ve eaten at La Hacienda and had a very pleasurable experience.  They have a tequila flight on the menu and my best advice is to drink the red pepper tequila….last.

2) It has a ride-able attraction

photo courtesy disneyparkfiles
photo courtesy disneyparkfiles

Only Mexico and Norway gives guests an attraction that they can ride.  Unlike Norway, this ride has been updated – back in 2007 when Mexican Donald was joined by José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles on the Gran Fiesta.   These three friends reunite as they go through the diverse geography of Mexico to find Donald.  The three birds were part of Disney cartoons in the 1940s as The Three Caballeros.  It’s not the greatest attraction but if you are looking for some time out of the sun, it is a fun attraction in my opinion.

3) The Shopping Area

photo courtesy of wdwinfo
photo courtesy of wdwinfo

Mexico does an excellent job at re-creating a traditional open air city market with Plaza de Los Amigos.  Guests can find a variety of traditional Mexican attire and souvenirs.  The area has an open air feel given the extremely high ceiling that the pavilion has because of the pyramid construction of the pavilion.  The open air market is at the center of the pyramid where the ceiling is highest.  A guest can a good period of time looking around at the various wares for sale in the marketplace.


Mexican Donald #1

Mexican Donald is one of my family’s favorite characters to get their picture taken with. The line to see him is usually short – longest we’ve waited 15 minutes.  Guests get great interaction with Donald.  My family always try to get him to hide in shame in the fact that he’s not wearing pants.  Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we’re not but it’s still great fun.  You can’t beat, at most, a 15-minute wait to meet one of the Big Five characters out in the parks.

These are some of my reasons to love the Mexican Pavilion.  Feel free to share of your favorite reasons.

Thanks for reading!


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