Queue Rumors for Anna and Elsa


Anna and Elsa #2


I heard reports, last night, of a new way that Disney is handling the queue for Anna and Elsa.  Reportedly, gone are the days of the Frozen 5k.  It is being reported that the queue will be limited to a 30 minute wait.  You can still meet Anna and Elsa if you are not in this first 30 minute group or don’t have a Fastpass+.  There are reportedly only nine Fastpass+ reservations per hour so don’t feel bad if you don’t have one.  There are very hard to get.  The testing is reportedly only today, tomorrow, and Friday.

Once the queue reaches 30 minutes, it will be considered at capacity.  At this point, guests will be directed back Magic Kingdom Park Support which will be located across from the Carousel.  At park support, guests will be a given a pass with a return time window of 30 minutes.  There are reportedly only 80 passes being handed out per hour.  This does not include the nine Fastpass+ reservations per hour.  It is my understanding from reading the report that it is 80 individual passes not 80 groups per hour.  So, a group of four will need four individual passes.  As a result, the wait time should be no longer than 30 minutes.

However, putting my journalist hat on, I can see a few red flags with this report:

  • I can’t find another source which is also reporting the same story
  • The testing reportedly starts today and the announcement came late last night
  • The testing only lasts three days which seems like an awful short window for testing
  • There are only 80 individual passes handed out per hour

The first bullet point is a HUGE red flag for me.  I don’t like it when only one outlet is reporting a story.  It means that someone is running with a rumor.  There has been nothing official from Disney about this change.  There was also nothing official from Disney until 24-48 hours after there were rumors about the Villains Party in August.  However, no two rumors are the same.

The story which announced the rumored change came out last night and the change is supposedly starting today.  That time window from announcement to when the change is going to occur sounds too short in my mind.  For a change of this magnitude, Disney would give guests more lead time in making the actual change.  Maybe guests staying at Disney were informed of this change and it’s now being leaked to the public.  I am working on finding someone who is at the Magic Kingdom if this change is actually taking place.


The 80 individual passes seems like too low a number to me but it’s a number that makes sense.  80 individual passes plus the 9 FP+ reservations means that roughly 90 people are going through the attraction per hour.  90 people in an average of three people per groups (30 groups) leads to a two-minute experience with each character.  A two-minute experience makes sense.  It’s enough time to sign autographs, take some pictures, and have a short conversation.

Again, this report is all rumor at the point.  I’m working with some other people about getting an “on the ground report” about this queue change.  If you hear anything about this change, please let me know.

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