Re-Imagine, Refurb, or Leave Alone

Today, I’m introducing a new game to the blog.  It’s a twist on the game of Fast Pass, Just Pass, or Stand-by that I played with the Enchanted TikiTalk Podcast last week.  I’m calling my version: Re-imagine, Refurb, or Leave Alone.  Re-imagine is where you completely change the attraction.  Refurb is where you keep the attraction basically the same but find a way to bring the ride more up to date.  Leave Alone is self-explanatory.  You just leave the attraction as it is.  I will give you three choices per park and you choose one attraction to re-imagine, one to refurb, and one to leave alone.  Let’s play the feu…..Re-imagine, Refurb on Leave Alone.

I’m going to give you the choices for each park and at the end I’ll give my choices along with my thinking for each choice.  Please leave a comment with your choices.  Be sure to mention what you would re-imagine the attractions into.

Starting with Animal Kingdom.  The choices are:

Expedition Everest

photo courtesy of fine art America
photo courtesy of fine art America

Kali River Rapids

photo courtesy of theme park explorers
photo courtesy of theme park explorers

Finding Nemo – The Musical

photo courtesy of trip advisor
photo courtesy of trip advisor

I would leave Finding Nemo – The Musical alone.  It’s one of my favorite Pixar movies and wouldn’t want to see it changed.  I would refurb Kali River Rapids.  I’m not a fan of the big circular raft.  I would replace them with either rectangular rafts or longer canoe-like boats.  I feel these better represent going white-water rafting than a big circular raft.  That leaves Expedition Everest to be re-imagined.  That’s what makes this game tough.  I’m not really sure what Expedition Everest could be re-imagined into.  It’s the only “thrill roller coaster” in the park and turning it into something other than a roller coaster could turn off a lot of people from the park.  My best attempt to re-imagine the ride would be to turn the ride into something like Living With the Land in EPCOT except going through all the ways that people can conserve and maintain natural animal habitats.

Our next stop is in EPCOT.  Our attraction choices are:


photo courtesy of wikipedia
photo courtesy of wikipedia


photo courtest the affordable mouse
photo courtesy the affordable mouse

Living With the Land

photo courtesy of doctor disney
photo courtesy of doctor disney

I would leave Living With the Land alone.  It’s one of the my favorite rides in EPCOT.  Even though, I don’t garden.  It’s interesting to learn about all the ways that I could garden if I didn’t have a lot of space.

I would refurb Malestrom into a ride with a Frozen theme.  It looks like a movie that will have a lot of staying power and this is an attraction that needs a refurb anyway so it makes a lot of sense.

That leaves re-imagine for Soarin’.  Like Expedition Everest, I’m stuck as to what I would re-imagine the attraction into.  The Land already has two conservation awareness attractions in Living With the Land and The Circle of Life movie.  Another consideration is keeping the attraction as a tier 1 Fastpass+ attraction.  I would probably go away from the Soarin’ concept so that those who are afraid of heights would be more interested in the ride.  Maybe Drivin’ throughout the world where the attraction takes on a car ride through some of the most breathtaking locations in the world.  It could be like Star Tours where there are multiple experiences so guests may not get the same experience each time that they could on the ride.

Let’s hop in a Friendship and ride over to Hollywood Studios.

Rock n’ Rollin Coaster

photo courtesy of studios central
photo courtesy of studios central

Muppetvision 3D

photo courtesy of kippel
photo courtesy of kippel

Disney Junior Live on Stage

photo courtesy of disney world live
photo courtesy of disney world live

Hollywood Studios is one of the easier parks for me to play this game.  I would leave Disney Junior Live on Stage alone.  Disney does an excellent job of updating this ride with new characters that appear on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

I would refurb Muppetvision 3D.  A lot of the shows in Hollywood Studios are very dated and Muppetvision 3D is one of them.  Maybe they could update the show to include some of the parts from the most recent Muppet movies.  Give the guests a new story to follow.

Hollywood Studios has plenty of thrill rides but it lacks an omni-mover ride like Peter Pan, Under the Sea, etc.  I would re-imagine Rock n Roller Coaster into one of these rides.  Yes, it would drive a lot of thrill ride traffic to Tower of Terror but something needs to be re-imagined in this game and it’s Rock n Roller Coaster.  I would turn Rock n Roller Coaster into an omni-mover based on the door scene from Monsters Inc.  Guests would enter a car and go through a series of doors taking them through the different scenes of the movie while being chased by Randal.

That leaves us with the Magic Kingdom.  Here’s the choices.

Stitch’s Great Escape

photo courtesy of guide 2 wdw
photo courtesy of guide 2 wdw

Tomorrowland Speedway

photo courtesy disney parks info
photo courtesy disney parks info

Astro Orbiter

photo courtesy of theme park review
photo courtesy of theme park review

I would leave Astro Orbiter alone.  This is mainly because it doesn’t need to be refurbed or re-imagined like the other two attractions.  So, it gets left alone by default.

I would refurb Tomorrowland Speedway.  I would refurb not into a Cars Land attraction.  I would refurb into a Candy Crush type of ride.  I would get rid of the gas-powered cars and replace them with Candy Crush Sugar Rush themed electric cars.  Guests would go out in groups of 12 and race around the track.  I would also try to find a way to rework the drop off of the cars so guests aren’t spending as much time waiting in line to drop the car off as they are going around the track.

I would re-imagine Stitch’s Great Escape into anything else.  I do not like the ride and never have.  Anything that it could be re-imagined into would be an upgrade from what it is currently.

I hope you enjoyed this game and will play along by leaving a comment on what your choices are.

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Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Re-Imagine, Refurb, or Leave Alone”

  1. Ak: Expedition Everest-Refurb; Kali River Rapids-Re-Imagine; Finding Nemo-Leave Alone
    EPCOT: Malestorm-Re-Imagine;Soarin-Refurb; Living the Land-Leave Alone
    HS: Rockin Roller Coaster-Leave Alone; MuppetVision-Re-Imagine; Playhouses Disney -Refurb
    MK: Stitch-Re-Imagine; Tomorrowland Speedway-Refurb; Astro Orbiter-Leave Alone

  2. Fun!

    Animal Kingdom- refurb Kali River Rapids, reimagine Nemo and leave Everest

    Epcot – I like them all but refurb Soarin, reimagine Maelstrom and leave Loving with the Land

    Hollywood Studios – refurb Muppets, reimagine Rock N Roller Coaster and leave Disney Junior

    Magic Kingdom – I dislike all of these so a bit harder. Let’s refurb Speedway, reimagine Stitch and keep Astro Orbiter. I’m never going on that one again in any form. 😃

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