Water Water Everywhere

This week’s theme for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop hosted by Focused on the Magic is Water.  I love this topic.  Water is everywhere at Walt Disney World.  There are two places that my wife and I like to take water shots: Kilimanjaro Safaris and on the Friendships.  Here’s our sampling of water shots for this week’s theme.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

water #1 water #2 water #3

Friendships around the hotels on Bay Lake

water #5 water #6

Grand Floridian from Bay Lake

Polynesian from WL Boat

EPCOT Friendships

water #7 water #8

Bonus Picture of the water behind the Beast’s Castle

water #4

Focused on the Magic

4 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere”

  1. Wow you got some beautiful shots on the safari! I love them. Also, your other shots are pretty amazing too! Good job

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