A Different Layout for Magic Kingdom Resorts

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Everyone knows that Walt Disney’s plans for EPCOT never came to fruition.  Those weren’t the only plans that didn’t come to pass.  Walt Disney and the Imagineers had an entirely different vision for the Magic Kingdom resorts than what we see today.   Below is the original version of the Magic Kingdom loop:

photo courtesy of allears.net and Walt Disney
photo courtesy of allears.net and Walt Disney

In this picture, there are five Magic Kingdom resorts in the monorail loop.  Three of those resorts were never built.

  • An Asian resort which is where the Grand Floridian is now located.
  • A Persian Resort tucked further back on Bay Lake than the Contemporary
  • A Venetian Resort located across the canal from the Contemporary

All of these resorts had different reasons for not being built.  The biggest reason is the Oil Embargo of 1973 which greatly reduced travel and the demand was not there for five resorts.  The Venetian Resort ran into environmental issues since the land where it was going to be built was very soft.  Long support piling would need to driven into the ground to hold up the structure.  These added costs led to the resort’s demise.

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10 thoughts on “A Different Layout for Magic Kingdom Resorts”

  1. I’d love to see the artwork for those resorts. I bet there would have been spectacular!

    1. I’m sure some early drawings are out there. The question is: are they available to the public? Maybe when the Walt Disney Museum opens in Chicago, we’ll get to see some of this artwork.

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