Riding the Auto Train

For today’s article, I’m going to take a look at an alternative method to get to Walt Disney World….the Amtrak Autotrain which runs from Lorton, VA to Sanford, FL.  The Autotrain is an excellent alternative for those people who are afraid to fly but don’t want to drive the entire distance either.

Auto Train #1

Lorton, VA is the northern loading point for the Autotrain.  Lorton is a 30 minute drive south on I-95 from Washington, DC.  So, people coming from the north still have to deal with traffic of the New York/Philadelphia/Baltimore/Washington DC megalopolis.  From my understanding, this is the worst part of the drive to Walt Disney World from a traffic perspective.  Once you get south of Washington, DC, the next major city you would drive near would be Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL which don’t have near the traffic congestion issues that major northeastern cities too.

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